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Latest Headlines

Merial expands NexGard plant in Brazil with $25M infusion

The animal health industry is seeing robust activity in Brazil these days. Merial, Sanofi's animal health company, announced it is pouring $25 million into its Paulínia, Brazil, plant to increase the production of NexGard, the chewable flea and tick treatment for dogs introduced this year.

Sanofi expands production at Merial plant in Brazil

Sanofi has made a big investment in Brazil, buying the nation's largest generics manufacturer, Genfar, in 2012 to get a stronger foothold not only in human drugs but also in animal health. It's now expanding its manufacturing operations there for its Merial animal health operation.

Partner Sanofi wants to produce the insulin to be used in MannKind's Afrezza

MannKind signed a deal on July 31, 2014, to buy €120.1 million ($155.7 million) worth of recombinant human insulin from Amphastar France Pharmaceuticals to fill its inhalers.

Sanofi, MannKind say cutting insulin costs will make Afrezza more competitive

With an FDA approval, a partnership with Sanofi and its tiny inhaler device in hand, MannKind is gearing up to sell its Afrezza diabetes treatment in the U.S. But facing tough competitors, like Novo Nordisk's NovoLog from and Eli Lilly's Humalog, the pair are looking for whatever sales advantage they can find.

Sanofi and MannKind hatch plan to boost the margins on Afrezza

MannKind has been starved for cash, so it was huge for the California-based pharma to strike a deal with Big Pharma player Sanofi to help market its inhaled insulin Afrezza. But Sanofi has something else that can cut their costs and fatten up their bottom lines. It has insulin.

Sanofi partners with MyoKardia on a 'totally new' approach to heart disease

Sanofi has stepped up with a $45 million down payment on a potential $200 million early-stage deal to develop new drugs for heart muscle disease. The pharma giant inked one if its rare small-biotech collaboration pacts with MyoKardia, a South San Francisco-based biotech that was funded by Third Rock a couple of years ago.

Biotech R&D is changing. Don't get left behind

Over the last few years we've seen some big changes in the way some drugs are developed. What better time to host a new FierceBiotech executive panel discussion on current trends in late-stage development?

FDA approves Sanofi's Menactra as meningococcal booster

The new nod could boost sales of the French drugmaker's vaccine, a lift it could use after Menactra's top-line haul in 2013 sank to €424 million in a 21.5% slide.

Sanofi keeps the faith in MS and eyes a new dawn for Genzyme

Despite an FDA rejection and changing winds in the field of multiple sclerosis, Sanofi believes its Genzyme unit is on an upward trajectory, talking up potential deals and could-be blockbusters for its pricey acquisition.

Takeda on track for dengue vaccine nods in 2017-18

Sanofi's dengue vaccine isn't slated to hit the market until late next year, pending approval, but it already has some competition on the horizon. Takeda has its eye on nods in the U.S. and Europe for its own candidate by the 2017-18 fiscal year, it says.