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Latest Headlines

Here's a welcome new-drug side effect: Physician access is on the rise, CMI/Compas' survey shows

The doctor is ready to see you, pharma. CMI/Compas' annual Media Vitals study out today forecasts increased access to physicians for pharma companies this year.

Sales reps need to bone up on tech skills as drug launches move digital

Digitization in pharma means marketing integration doesn't end with websites and online campaigns. And the industry is looking at you, sales reps.

In a bad-news first for pharma reps, more than half of doctors now restrict access

It's no secret that pharma salespeople are barred at the doors of many doctors' offices. Those doors have been closing one by one for several years. But now, more than half of physician practices restrict reps' access--and in some specialties, only one in five doctors are rep-friendly.

Bristol-Myers, Sanofi catch a break in Plavix marketing case

Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi scored a victory in a False Claims Act marketing case over its blood-thinner, Plavix, as a federal judge in New Jersey tossed out some allegations from a former Sanofi sales rep that the company made misleading statements about the med to gain more Medicare and Medicare coverage.

Good news for drug reps: Pay is growing again. Bad? Biotech outclasses pharma by 36%

It's a difficult time to be a pharma rep, with patent losses triggering salesforce cuts and doctors increasingly closing their doors to sales visits. Pharma reps' salaries are floundering, too, with their biotech peers collecting much larger pay packages, according to a recent report from MedReps.com.

Good news, reps: Docs still prefer traditional marketing to digital when writing Rx

Digital media is taking the place of face-to-face meetings with doctors, and restrictive access policies often put a damper on the marketing party. But a new study shows that doctors still prefer traditional forms of communication to digital when deciding which drugs to prescribe.

Can't get through a doc's door, pharma reps? You may want to target mid-level pros

Companies may want to invite other members of the office to the marketing party--and send specialized reps to offer a few favors.

Pharma reps can't get in to see doctors? Try aiming at a bigger target, study says

New regulations and a changing healthcare landscape are preventing sales reps from calling on docs, and fewer marketers are getting their foot through the proverbial door. But the key to breaking through the physician-rep barrier could be changing pharma's approach, according to a new study.

Australian docs launch anti-pharma rep campaign

When it comes to interactions between doctors and pharmaceutical companies, there's a growing desire for transparency among those concerned that reps influence prescribing habits. But an Australian group of doctors and academics wants to take it one step further: With an aptly titled "No Advertising Please" campaign, it's pushing to end doc-rep interactions altogether.

How can reps reach docs? Try thinking like Netflix or Amazon

If the personal doesn't work, then get impersonal. That's the message of a new look at doctors' preferences for listening to drugmakers. Some doctors who aren't interested in face-to-face rep meetings are plenty accessible when pharma knocks on their doors electronically.