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Regeneron resolves objections to its new Ireland plant

Regeneron has resolved concerns raised by a heritage group about traffic that will be generated by its new drug plant in Limerick, Ireland, the Limerick Leader reports.

Tomorrow's cardio blockbusters: Inside 'the next big leap' in controlling cholesterol

Thanks to genomic sequencing, some heart-healthy mutants and billions of dollars spent on R&D, rival drug developers are bearing down on a promising new way of treating the scourge of high cholesterol. And with the first FDA applications likely coming in the next year, the nascent field's trailblazers are vying for the top spot with blockbuster aspirations.

Regeneron clears roadblock for new plant in Irish tax haven

Regeneron will continue forth with its €220 million plans to revamp a former Dell plant in Ireland now that an interest group has pulled its appeal, making room to flesh out its product line beyond blazing eye treatment Eylea.

BMS joins Merck with plans to whack plants in Ireland

Ireland's liberal tax code continues to attract drugmakers, but some of the long-term players are cutting back on their extensive manufacturing there. Bristol-Myers Squibb, with plans to lay off about 160 workers at two facilities, can now be added to that list.

UPDATED: Regeneron, Sanofi and Amgen shares suffer on FDA's frets about PCSK9 class

Some of the leaders in the frenzied late-stage race to develop a PCSK9 drug watched their stock prices stumble on Friday afternoon as word of the FDA's concern about potential neurocognitive side effects in the cholesterol drug class ripped through Twitter.

Regeneron preparing for a plant expansion and a fill-finish facility in Ireland

Regeneron is starting work on a new manufacturing plant in Limerick, Ireland, that it expects to manufacture drugs that are currently in its pipeline. But already the drugmaker is talking about an expansion and building a fill-and-finish plant nearby, at least according to Ireland's minister of finance.

Regeneron CEO Schleifer joins the billionaire club, Forbes figures

Regeneron's hot-selling eye drug Eylea has done a lot in its short life, including post $1.4 billion in 2013 U.S. sales--and make the company's veteran CEO, Len Schleifer, into a billionaire.

Regeneron's Schleifer hits the $1B mark, but his biotech is just getting started

After 25 years at the helm of one of biotech's best-case scenarios, Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer has crossed the $1 billion threshold, according to Forbes, thanks largely to the company's blockbuster eye drug. And, with a stable of promising late-stage treatments waiting in the wings, the Tarrytown, NY, executive's most profitable work may still be ahead of him.

Irish Regeneron plant to produce tax benefits as well as drugs

Development officials in Ireland are excited about the spin-off benefits of getting a Regeneron plant in Limerick. The drugmaker is excited about having a new manufacturing facility that will produce the Irish tax benefits that are all the vogue in pharma these days.

The most influential people in biopharma today

Any industry that's undergoing as much change as biopharma is always looking for leadership. Old marketing practices are being blown apart, R&D is being subjected to emergency surgery, drug...