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Latest Headlines

Regeneron, Sanofi herald a blockbuster contender with groundbreaking study

If you want to understand why Regeneron R&D chief George Yancopolous gets a king's ransom in annual compensation, you need look no further than the Phase IIb data that has just been posted on dupilumab for severe eczema.

Sanofi bumps stake in Regeneron to 22.5%

Sanofi CEO Chris Viehbacher is often pressed to answer why he doesn't just buy Regeneron, a biotech outfit closely bonded with Big Pharma on several important development initiatives.

Big biotech booms while pharma payrolls wither

The past 10 years have seen Big Pharma repeatedly cannibalize itself via megamerger, trimming its ranks through waves of layoffs and a dogged pursuit of efficiency. But Big Biotech, the emerging middle class of not-quite giants, has more than made up for those cuts, essentially doubling to add more than 130,000 workers since 2003, according to EvaluatePharma.

Sanofi, Regeneron add positive PhIII data on key RA drug

Sanofi and its close development partner Regeneron added some positive year-long results to the promising Phase III rheumatoid arthritis data that they've been gathering on sarilumab, an antibody that is billed as one of the pharma giant's top late-stage drug prospects.

Regeneron jumps into next-gen gene therapy tech with $640M eye drug deal

Regeneron is turning to gene therapy research to look for a successor to its blockbuster wet AMD drug Eylea.

Regeneron chief outranks every other biopharma CEO with $36M in 2013 pay

Last year, little Regeneron gave its top executives a big payday. The company's vision-loss drug Eylea was breaking sales records left and right. Its colon cancer drug, developed with Sanofi, had hit the market. And the company's board figured that keeping its key people was worth millions--a total of $140 million, in fact, mostly in stock and option awards.

Regeneron R&D chief's compensation shrinks, but still tops the chart

Regeneron R&D chief George Yancopoulos suffered a major drop in compensation last year--but he's still likely to retain his title as the highest paid research chief in the global industry.

Regeneron resolves objections to its new Ireland plant

Regeneron has resolved concerns raised by a heritage group about traffic that will be generated by its new drug plant in Limerick, Ireland, the Limerick Leader reports.

Tomorrow's cardio blockbusters: Inside 'the next big leap' in controlling cholesterol

Thanks to genomic sequencing, some heart-healthy mutants and billions of dollars spent on R&D, rival drug developers are bearing down on a promising new way of treating the scourge of high cholesterol. And with the first FDA applications likely coming in the next year, the nascent field's trailblazers are vying for the top spot with blockbuster aspirations.

Regeneron clears roadblock for new plant in Irish tax haven

Regeneron will continue forth with its €220 million plans to revamp a former Dell plant in Ireland now that an interest group has pulled its appeal, making room to flesh out its product line beyond blazing eye treatment Eylea.