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Latest Headlines

Synchronized dancers jazz up Reckitt Benckiser's new MegaRed pitch

Reckitt Benckiser's MegaRed is shaking up the fish oil supplement market--literally. Its new ad campaign, which features synchronized dancers gracefully moving to form different shapes, deviates notably from the traditional OTC omega-3 script of talking head experts.

Headaches for Reckitt over charges of misleading claims for OTC painkillers

Reckitt Benckiser executives may need some of the company's own pain meds this week. First in Australia and now in the U.K., the drugmaker is being taken to task over misleading claims for its painkiller Nurofen.

Mr. Mucus helps Reckitt dominate cough-and-cold space

What's the key to landing your brand on the leaderboard of cough-and-cold meds? Mr. Mucus, apparently.

Mr. Mucus-repped cough meds get the most positive buzz online

Score one for Mr. Mucus. A new study found that the slimy spokes-character helped propel Reckitt Benckiser's family of Mucinex brands to three of the top four slots on a new list of preferred OTC cough-and-cold medicines. Treato, the online data-analysis company, created the list by analyzing findings from more than 5 million patient-written online posts and reviews.

Reckitt Benckiser ordered by Australian court to pull ibuprofen painkillers

An Australian court ruled that British drugmaker Reckitt Benckiser would have to pull its series of ibuprofen painkillers off the market within three months and pay a fine that could reach $800,000 per product. In addition, the company could still face regulatory rejections.

If Pfizer's consumer health unit goes up for grabs, Reckitt's interested, CEO says

As Pfizer moves forward with its agreed-upon $160 billion merger with Allergan, analysts expect it to eventually part ways with its consumer health business. And when it does, it's got a potential buyer in Reckitt Benckiser.

Importer recalls Sedalmex acetaminophen product made by Merck KGaA in Mexico

In yet another recall of acetaminophen, Midway Importing is recalling nearly 165,000 boxes of Sedalmex. But Midway is not the producer. That is Merck KGaA, which manufactured the pain reliever at a plant in Mexico.

Medline recalls 500-mg acetaminophen labeled as 325 mg

Just months after a labeling issue led Reckitt Benckiser to recall 1.5 million bottles of cold meds with acetaminophen in them, Medline is having to do the same thing. In this case, bottles are marked with the wrong strength, which creates the danger that consumers could take too much acetaminophen and suffer liver damage.

Reckitt Benckiser spinout climbs after PhIII schizophrenia trial hits endpoints

Indivior has impressed with its first notable news since it spun out of Reckitt Benckiser late last year. The specialty pharma company reported that its schizophrenia drug RBP-7000 met the primary endpoint in a Phase III trial, moving it a step closer to its goal of winning FDA approval in 2017.

Reckitt Benckiser makes out big time on the misery of U.S. flu sufferers

The fact that this flu season's vaccines were not very effective was bad news for people hoping to avoid the condition but great news for the U.K.'s Reckitt Benckiser Group, which racked up an impressive first quarter on sales of over-the-counter flu meds like Mucinex.