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Latest Headlines

Novartis faces probes on Tekturna tactics, Iran sales

Novartis may be looking at another trial of its troubled blood pressure drug Tekturna. This would not be a clinical trial, however, but more of the civil or criminal kind.

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Novartis to revamp Rasilez label with safety risks

The data on Rasilez 's safety risks is coming home to roost. The Novartis ($NVS) blood-pressure drug will get a new warning in Europe at regulators' request, after a recent trial flagged links...

Novartis ends Tekturna trial on safety concerns

Bad news for Novartis' ($NVS) blood pressure med Tekturna (aka Rasilez). The drug company has decided to end a trial evaluating the med in Type 2 diabetes patients with renal impairment who are also

Blockbuster hopes for Rasilez fade at Novartis

Novartis' ($NVS) bid to expand the use of Rasilez has run into serious trouble. The pharma company joined the lineup of Big Pharma companies reporting trial setbacks today with the news that

Novartis grabs European approval of combo pill for high blood pressure

Swiss drug giant Novartis ($NVS) revealed Monday that it has a green light to market a combo pill in the European Union to patients who need multiple meds to control their high blood pressure. The

Rasilez approval spurs Novartis expansion

Bolstered by the EU's blessing on its new hypertension treatment Rasilez, Novartis is planning a €183 million ($250 million) expansion of a plant near Basel, Switzerland. The expansion will boost