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Latest Headlines

Valeant forays into oncology with stalking-horse bid for Dendreon's Provenge

Valeant has finally made a significant M&A move after its failed pursuit of Allergan, and bankrupt Dendreon has finally found a way to unload cancer vaccine Provenge. And they're one and the same.

For sale: Bankrupt Dendreon and its laggard Provenge, for $275M or more. Any takers?

Struggling Dendreon has tried streamlining its manufacturing process for cancer vaccine Provenge. It's tried laying off hundreds of employees, cutting operating costs and raising capital. And it's tried putting itself up for sale. But no dice: The company is still swimming in a sea of debt that Monday spurred it to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

UPDATED: Shaky Dendreon loses its CEO as debt payments loom

Looks like CEO John Johnson won't be around to go down with Dendreon if the ship sinks. Johnson resigned from the board last week and will give up his CEO post in mid-August, the company said Monday.

SEC: Provenge critic lied about her bets Dendreon stock would fall

Dendreon's lead treatment, prostate cancer vaccine Provenge, continues to post sales losses, leaving many pessimistic that the struggling biotech will be able to right the ship. Now, however, it appears one of the company's doubters may have had an ulterior motive.

For-sale Dendreon slashes 150 jobs, cuts more costs in hunker-down move

Dendreon's press releases have a definite broken-record sound. After posting another round of disappointing sales and earnings, the company is once again cutting jobs and costs. This time, it's 15% of the workforce, or about 150 jobs, and $125 million in spending.

Dendreon's for sale. Will anyone step up to battle for Provenge?

Just a few days ago, we learned that Dendreon is looking to woo a buyer. The question now is whether the struggling drugmaker can find a suitor to take on its baggage.

Suffering Dendreon puts itself on the block, Bloomberg says

Dendreon is getting tired of soldiering on alone. As  Bloomberg  reports, the Seattle-based company is casting about for buyers as its prostate cancer treatment Provenge continues to lag--and Dendreon's stock lags along with it.

With Lemtrada's EU nod, Sanofi preps for dual MS drug launches

Sanofi now has not one, but two, big multiple sclerosis launches to get under way in Europe. Two weeks after nabbing EU approval for its new MS pill Aubagio, Sanofi got regulatory clearance for Lemtrada.

Dendreon's Provenge sales off again, expected to miss for the year

Investors spanked the Seattle company severely in after-hours trading Thursday after it reported that sales of the drug were off 8% in the second quarter year-over-year to $73 million.

Europe's CHMP recommends 10 drugs in 1 week

It was a very, very big week in Europe for drugmakers. The European Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) recommended 10 drugs for approval, including two biosimilars, it said today.