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Latest Headlines

GSK sells drug rights back to Amgen to focus on its own launches

Last April, Amgen took back most of the marketing rights to osteoporosis med Prolia that it had previously granted to GlaxoSmithKline. Now, it's taking back the rest of them--and the rights to a couple of other drugs, too.

Amgen, GSK part on fast-selling Prolia, mostly

GlaxoSmithKline and Amgen are parting ways on Prolia, their comarketed osteoporosis med that's been among the fastest-growing products approved in the last few years. Amgen will take over the task in most areas under their agreement, leaving GSK freer to buckle down on some new launches of its own.

Top 15 Drug Launch Superstars

Herewith we bring you our Top 15 Drug Launch Superstars. Some of them will be obvious to anyone who follows the pharma business. They certainly were obvious to us. But choosing the rest was a challenge--one we weren't exactly expecting, based on previous experience. Read the full report >>

Hated German price formula to be applied to Pradaxa, Prolia, other drugs

Drugmakers, livid with German pricing gatekeepers for turning down so many new drugs, now face a strategy that is sure to ratchet up their anger to the boiling point.

Merck's osteoporosis drug 'odana' clinches promising PhIII data

Merck says it nailed the positive Phase III data it needs to gain an approval on the late-stage osteoporosis drug odanacatib, allowing investigators to start wrapping up the big global study and accelerating the timeline on the potential blockbuster.

Amgen's new meds beat estimates as anemia drugs slip

Amgen's ($AMGN) anemia drugs faltered again in the fourth quarter with sales declining 15% on Aranesp and 18% on Epogen. New bone drugs Xgeva and Prolia beat analyst estimates for their first full

Amgen's Prolia wins new uses, performs in study

It's a good news-good news day for Amgen ($AMGN). The company's new bone drug is gathering indications--and potential sales--like a snowball rolling downhill. Under the name Prolia, the drug won FDA

AZ to co-promote Amgen bone drug in Japan

AstraZeneca has signed on to promote Amgen's bone drug denosumab in Japan. The deal with Daiichi Sankyo, which holds the Japanese rights to the drug, gives AZ a promising new treatment to sell in a

NICE gives thumbs-up to Amgen bone drug

The U.K.'s cost-effectiveness watchdog has approved Amgen's (AMGN) osteoporosis drug Prolia (denosumab) for routine use by the National Health Service in postmenopausal patients who are at increased

Amgen's Prolia wins priority review for cancer use

Amgen's (NASDAQ: AMGN) great new hope--the bone drug Prolia--won priority review at the FDA for a new, potentially lucrative cancer indication. The use: cancer that has spread to bone. The upshot: an