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Latest Headlines

Apotex ordered to pay AstraZeneca half its generic Prilosec profits

An award of $76 million may not sound like much in the big-dollar world of pharma, but for a branded drug company, it always feels good to win one against a generic drugmaker that has jumped the gun with a generic. That is how much a court says AstraZeneca should be paid by Apotex.

EU's top court backs antitrust fight in ruling against AstraZeneca

While the pharma industry won a victory in U.S. court this week on off-label marketing, in the European Union, drugmakers weren't so lucky. The EU's top court upheld a $69 million fine against AstraZeneca ($AZN), in a long-running antitrust case. The court's backing lends weight to antitrust officials' ongoing probe of the entire pharma industry.

Merck, AstraZeneca rejig stomach-drug partnership

Merck and AstraZeneca have opted for a little more togetherness. The two companies amended their marketing-and-supply arrangement on the stomach drugs Prilosec and Nexium, allowing Merck to continue booking profits from sales of the two drugs for at least two more years.

Public Citizen asks FDA for black box on PPIs

Public Citizen is petitioning the FDA for a "black box" warning on common stomach acid drugs such as AstraZeneca's ($AZN) Nexium and Prilosec and Pfizer's ($PFE) Protonix. The consumer watchdog group

DoJ subpoenas AZ, Medco about four meds

AstraZeneca and Medco Health Solutions are under the Department of Justice's microscope. Prosecutors have subpoenaed the drugmaker and pharmacy benefits manager about their relationship, asking

FDA lifts fracture warning on OTC stomach meds

Over-the-counter heartburn drugs don't need a new fracture-risk warning, the FDA says. When used at low doses and on a short-term basis, OTC versions of meds such as Prilosec and Prevacid don't

FDA to rewarn docs on Plavix, Prilosec combo

If you were doubting its word on the dangers of combining Plavix with Prilosec, the FDA plans to send out a reminder. As the Wall Street Journal reports, agency officials worry that a recently

AZ antitrust fine part of EU crackdown

Chalk up a victory for E.U. antitrust regulators. The General Court has ruled against AstraZeneca in an appeal, affirming the antitrust watchdog's finding that the drugmaker abused its dominant

P&G in social media campaign for Prilosec

Here's a test case for you: Procter & Gamble is launching a social media initiative for Prilosec as part of its bid to maintain the drug's leadership position in an increasingly crowded market.

FDA: Popular meds stifle Plavix efficacy

The latest news about stomach drugs could give Plavix users a serious case of heartburn. The FDA shocked folks at the American Heart Association meeting with a warning that using the heartburn meds