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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Perrigo snaps up OTC specialist Omega in deal worth $4.5B

Perennial dealmaker Perrigo signed on the dotted line for Belgium's Omega Pharma, elbowing past rival bidders to expand its footprint in the global OTC market.  

Deal-hungry Perrigo elbows aside competitors for Omega Pharma

Deal-hungry Perrigo is looking for more seats at the over-the-counter table, and the drugmaker may soon get its wish. The company has entered exclusive talks to acquire Belgian OTC maker Omega Pharma, inching past big-name competitors like Sanofi, Actavis and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Perrigo recalls 367,000 tubes of nicotine lozenges

Smokers often turn to over-the-counter nicotine lozenges to cut their urges when they are trying to quit smoking. It turns out that products made by Perrigo and sold through a whole host of retailers like Wal-Mart and CVS might not work that well.

Bloomberg: Sale of OTC specialist Omega could top $5.3B with bids from Bayer, Sanofi

What's an OTC drugmaker worth in the race to the top of the consumer healthcare space? Potentially more than $5.3 billion, if that drugmaker is Belgium's Omega Pharma.

Pharma peer pressure makes tax-friendly M&A targets the new must-have

Talk about peer pressure. First, a couple of U.S. drugmakers pull off trans-Atlantic deals that shift their official HQs and lower their tax rates. Next, some bigger names go for the same tax-inversion strategy. Now, investors want to know why every drugmaker isn't jumping in.

Dublin-based Perrigo could be up next for a tax-inversion deal

OTC generics maker Perrigo could be the next tax-advantaged company in line for a buyout. And while Perrigo hasn't confirmed any M&A plans, speculation has been enough to send shares soaring.

Perrigo sees growth, but its sales are trimmed by a hit to contract manufacturing

Over-the-counter drug specialist Perrigo has been on an expansion roll the last two years, culminating with its $8.6 billion buyout last summer of Ireland-based drug company Elan. Its latest earnings reflect that growth, with sales up 11% and adjusted net income jumping 45%.

Perrigo pulls 18 batches of acetaminophen for infants on dosing fears

The FDA has asked drugmakers to recall several products with dosing systems or potency variations that could lead to dangerous overdoses.

Pharma M&A gets soft in second quarter

According to a new report from consultant PwC, there was a decline in the two Vs--volume and value--after some big deals in the first quarter pushed both of those up.

Which are pharma's top 4 innovators? Hint: It's not the big guys

There's been a lot of talk about a dearth of innovation in the pharma business. But some drugmakers don't lack creativity. In fact, a few of them actually made Forbes' latest list of 100 most innovative companies on the globe.