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Latest Headlines

Perrigo buys Patheon's softgel operations in Mexico

Patheon has been on an M&A blitz, buying up specialty manufacturers that can help it broaden its network as it muscles up as a global CDMO. But the North Carolina-based company is unafraid to shed assets that no longer fit that blueprint and so is selling a plant in Mexico to over-the-counter king Perrigo.

Patheon strikes again; deal for Agere its second in a week

Just days after saying it was buying contract manufacturer IRIX Pharmaceuticals to get its expertise in making difficult APIs, North Carolina contract development and manufacturing company Patheon has snapped up yet another competitor, this one a specialist in bioavailability.

Patheon snags another CMO amid its global expansion

Contract drug developer Patheon, a year removed from a $2.6 billion merger, is expanding its manufacturing footprint with another acquisition, buying up a South Carolina specialist.

Patheon buys specialty API maker IRIX

Patheon, whose parent DPx holdings has it on an expansion binge, will pick up a U.S.-based specialty small molecule API maker. This deal comes after Patheon bought its first U.S. biologics plants last year and started on a major build-out at its North Carolina facility.

Patheon to add almost 500 jobs over 5 years as it expands in NC

Patheon, a contract manufacturer of drugs for pharmaceutical companies, plans to add 488 jobs over the next 5 years at its Greenville, NC, facility, and could eventually bring in more than $6.3 million in incentives offered by the state under a job development program.

Plant that Patheon wanted to sell gets investment

A U.K. plant that the former Patheon was ready to bail on two years ago will now get a $300 million shot in the arm. It and client Pacira will partner on manufacturing suites to provide additional capacity to produce Pacira's analgesic, Exparel.

Pacira picks Patheon to hit the gas on pain drug production

Pacira Pharmaceuticals is counting on an expanded indication and swell in demand for its surgical pain treatment, and the biotech has inked a deal with contract manufacturer Patheon to collaborate on production in a multiyear agreement.

Meet DPx, the result of a $2.6B CMO merger

A $2.6 billion deal united contract manufacturers Patheon and DSM Pharmaceutical Products, and now the combined company has emerged to do business under the monicker DPx, expecting to bank $2 billion in revenue this year.

CMO born from $2.6 billion merger comes on the scene as DPx

A new company, initially dubbed NewCo and created by the $2.6 billion merger of contract manufacturer Patheon and Netherlands-based DSM Pharmaceutical Products, has officially broken onto the scene. It has been given the moniker of DPx and starts its corporate life as one of the largest contract manufacturing and development groups in the world.

UPDATED: Patheon soars in its last year as a public CMO

Contract manufacturer Patheon boosted its revenue by about 137% in the last fiscal year, hauling in more than $1 billion as it prepares to merge with competitor DSM.