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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Forest to discontinue old Namenda to 'force switch' patients to XR version

Forest will discontinue its original Namenda pill in August, pushing current patients onto Namenda XR--and hoping they won't bother to switch back when generics appear next April.

Antitrust watchdogs come down on Pfizer for Lipitor dealmaking

The antitrust crackdown in pharma has moved to Australia. Once again, Pfizer finds itself in the middle of a legal fight over its efforts to hang onto Lipitor sales after the drug went off patent and faced competition from cheaper generics.

Merck stops selling Zilmax to study livestock drug's safety

After reports that cattle fed the growth supplement had problems walking or standing, Merck said it would temporarily suspend Zilmax sales in the U.S. and Canada to allow for an audit. The announcement followed Tyson's refusal last week to accept cattle treated with Zilmax.

Sanofi CEO can't sugar-coat 'shocking' Q2 results

Call it what you will: chutzpah, optimism, wishful thinking, spin-doctoring, or just plain confidence. In any case, the headline on Sanofi's earnings release--"Last Quarter with Significant Negative Impact from Patent Cliff"--was one of the few positive statements on the page.

Behold the patent cliff: U.S. drug market shrinks for first time

U.S. drug spending dropped last year. While that may be welcome news for healthcare budgets, it's not so good for branded drugmakers. It may not be so good for patients, either.

UPDATED: Lilly tells 1,624 their sales jobs are gone or changed

Salesforce cuts are coming down at Eli Lilly, and 40% of its U.S. sales force will be out. According to the company, the drugmaker sent a state Warn Notice to 1,624 sales positions, of which about 1,000 will be let go.

Drugstores push for access to secret PBM pricing-and-reimbursement info

Transparency may be a trendy topic in pharma these days. But while drugmakers have been opening their files on financial relationships with doctors--even edging toward sharing trial data--they haven't said much about proprietary pricing info. Discounts and rebates tend to be closely guarded.

Generics bite primary-care sales, but specialty drugs soar 18.4%

Suffering Big Pharma well knows that primary-care drug spending slumped in the U.S. last year. That's the patent cliff at work. But now, there's a number for that pain: Spending on mass-market meds dropped 1.5% in 2012.

UPDATED: Loss of Actos weighs heavily on Takeda

Takeda Pharmaceutical last week nailed down FDA approval for three new diabetes drugs--DPP-4 inhibitors--and it was none too soon, as today's earnings report makes crystal clear.

Patent Cliff II: Nightmare on blockbuster street returns in 2015

Today's look at AstraZeneca's ($AZN) bleak 2012 numbers highlights the market-crunching wallop many of the world's biggest pharma companies have suffered as megablockbusters like Plavix and Singulair have gone off patent. But a new analysis from EvaluatePharma concludes that the industry giants will have almost as much at stake again when the 2015 patent cliff arrives.