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Latest Headlines

OxyContin sales put Purdue's Sackler family on Forbes rich list

The Busches, the Mellons, the Rockefellers--they're some of America's richest families. But one blockbuster pain drug has put a family of pharma-founders ahead of them all in the wealth department.

Addiction-riddled Kentucky out for blood in $1B suit against OxyContin-maker Purdue

To settle or not to settle? That's always the question in drugmaker lawsuits, but Purdue Pharma faces a more dramatic choice than most in a Kentucky lawsuit. As Bloomberg reports, the state accuses the OxyContin maker of Medicaid fraud, false advertising, and 10 other claims--but the addiction epidemic is the crux of the matter.

FDA again finds itself playing role as pain med police

The FDA's move to put tighter controls on combo pain drugs like Vicodin that contain hydrocodone with over-the-counter painkillers like aspirin have it again balancing its role as a regulator concerned about the safety and effectiveness of drugs with growing concerns about overdose deaths and addition.

Purdue hands California list of risky OxyContin prescribers

Which doctors to flag for reckless OxyContin prescribing may soon be a decision that's out of maker Purdue Pharma's hands, at least in California. Thursday, a spokesman from Purdue Pharma confirmed that the company had turned over a list of 49 California doctors it suspected of risky script-writing to the Medical Board of California.

California bills zero in on risky painkiller prescribers

California is pushing some new legislation that drugmakers and physicians were none too happy with in its original form. But after some amendments, a slate of reforms to increase authorities' powers to crack down on risky narcotics prescribers has made its way to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown. The three bills now await his signature to make them law.

Lawmakers demand Purdue Pharma's list of suspect OxyContin prescribers

Now that Purdue Pharma has acknowledged news reports that it compiled a list of 1,800 doctors suspected of churning out OxyContin prescriptions  for addicts and drug dealers, the political fallout has begun.

LAT: Purdue keeps 'risky' OxyContin prescribers' names private

Purdue Pharma has a database of doctors who prescribe a lot of its painkiller OxyContin. On the face of it, that's not much of a statement, but in this case, the list of more than 1,800 comprises doctors suspected of recklessly writing scripts for addicts and drug dealers, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Actavis to make generic tamper-resistant OxyContin

Purdue Pharma and generic drugmaker Actavis have settled their patent suit over a special formulation of the painkiller OxyContin just 10 days the FDA banned generic versions that do not carry abuse resistant technology.

FDA halts generic OxyContin, handing Purdue a victory

For months FDA regulators have been wrestling with the dangers of allowing a flood of cheap, generic version of the highly addictive OxyContin on the market vs. consumers with pain issues having access to cheaper meds.

OxyContin patent expires Tuesday but FDA under pressure to stall generics

Purdue's original patent on the superpotent and often abused painkiller OyxContin expires tomorrow, and drugmakers are jockeying for a piece of its $2.8 billion market share. But the FDA is under increasing pressure to require generic drugmakers to make their formulations tamper-resistant.