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Latest Headlines

Amgen's bone drug beats Lilly's Forteo in a Phase III osteoporosis trial

Amgen's investigational bone-growing drug met its main goal in a late-stage trial, clearing its first Phase III hurdle by besting an Eli Lilly blockbuster for osteoporosis.

MIT spinoff Microchips finishes development of its birth control, osteoporosis implant

Microchips Biotech says it's ready to send its delivery technology out into the world, this week announcing it has completed development and clinical demonstration of the drug-delivering implant.

Amgen, GSK part on fast-selling Prolia, mostly

GlaxoSmithKline and Amgen are parting ways on Prolia, their comarketed osteoporosis med that's been among the fastest-growing products approved in the last few years. Amgen will take over the task in most areas under their agreement, leaving GSK freer to buckle down on some new launches of its own.

Radius Health looks to catch the IPO wave with $86M pitch

The biotech IPO window is open, and Radius Health is preparing to see if it can make the leap and land on Wall Street with about $86 million in hand.

Mechanism that boosts bone growth could aid osteoporosis drug design

A newly discovered mechanism that promotes bone growth could lead to novel treatments for osteoporosis, which affects an estimated one in three women and one in 12 men in the U.S..

Supramolecular gel scaffold may support bone drug delivery

Researchers in Finland have come up with a new application for well-known materials known as bisphosphonates that includes a possible role for drug delivery.

Self-powered nanomeds deliver bone-strengthening drugs

Researchers have developed self-powered nanoparticles to carry drugs into tiny cracks in bones, a process that could help treat osteoporosis in its early stages. And the fuel for the nanovehicles' bone-delving ability comes from the bone itself.

Sights set on Asia, Amgen sets up JV development deal with Astellas

Just a few months after Amgen execs lamented a big Asian gap in their global strategy, the Big Biotech company has joined hands with Astellas to set up a new joint venture in Japan. Amgen is contributing 5 experimental-stage programs to the JV, including their late-stage anti-PCSK9 program for the cholesterol drug AMG-145.

Merck hid Fosamax's links to femur fractures, lawyer says

It's Fosamax trial time again. Amid litigation over the bone drug's risks of jawbone injury, Merck is in court to fight claims that Fosamax caused patients' femur fractures. Once again, the drugmaker faces charges that it ignored the drug's safety risks, leaving patients in the dark.

FDA panel looks askance at calcitonin bone drugs

New restrictions may be in store for a long-used set of bone-building drugs. Worried about a possible increase in cancer risk--and unconvinced of the drugs' benefits--an FDA advisory panel voted against using calcitonin salmon products in osteoporosis patients.