The Swiss pharma company Novartis ranks in the top 10 of pharma companies, and boasts drugs ranging from Ritalin and Lamisil to clozapine, Diovan and Gilenya. It also owns the generic giant Sandoz. Unlike its competitor, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis did not offer free flu vaccines during the H1N1 flu epidemic.

In March 2011, Novartis gained FDA approval for Gilenya, its multiple sclerosis drug. The nod came on the heels of a narrower EMA approval, which grants second-line treatment status. According to experts, the drug could be worth $3 billion in annual sales as the first oral MS drug on the market.

Novartis purchased the remaining portion of eye care company Alcon in a $12.9 billion deal at the end of 2010, marking the end of one of the biggest battles in biopharma. Although many analysts predicted heavy layoffs in 2010 from the company, only 1,400 jobs were cut in December 2010, with the disclaimer that more could be on the way as Novartis, like others in the industry, analyzes its efficiency.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Novartis backs DC Comics graphic novel starring rare-disease hero and his canine sidekick

Batman and Superman can add another superhero to their ranks at publisher DC Comics, and that's Scott. The teenage protagonist and his trusty sidekick--Turbo the toy dog--feature in the company's latest graphic novel, which Novartis partnered to create for teens with tuberous sclerosis complex.

Novartis scores EU rec for blockbuster-to-be Entresto

Novartis has predicted that its launch of newly FDA-approved heart failure med Entresto would be its "most exciting" ever. And now, it's one step closer to bringing that excitement to Europe.

Novartis' top scientist is stepping down after 13 years, making way for a Harvard luminary

Mark Fishman, head of Novartis' $10 billion research operation, is retiring next year, making way for an award-winning Harvard oncologist after 13 years at the helm.

Novartis brings heart, cancer meds to low-income countries for $1 per month

Novartis has stood by its commitment to emerging markets even in rocky times. And now, it's furthering that commitment with an access initiative for low-income countries.

Novartis CEO says company to make heart failure drug Entresto at Singapore plant

Novartis will make its heart failure drug Entresto at a Singapore site starting this year, CEO Joe Jimenez told the Straits Times newspaper, adding that plans are also underway to expand contact lens manufacturing in the city-state.

Novartis CEO stands by emerging markets even as China economy continues to weaken

China's economy is a mess and other emerging markets are flailing about as well. So what is pharma CEO to do if they have bet big on growth in the EM realm? Keep on keeping on, says Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez.

Novartis opens Austria plant as part of its biosimilars push

Two weeks ago, Novartis launched a copy of Amgen's Neupogen (filgrastim), its first in what it expects to be a thriving business in biosimilars, in the U.S. In anticipation of big sales, its Sandoz unit has now opened a plant in Austria to make the autoinjectors that will dispense the drugs.

FDA panel recommends Fluad, possibly the first U.S. boosted flu jab

The U.S. may be getting its first adjuvanted flu vaccine. On Tuesday, an FDA panel recommended accelerated approval of Novartis' Fluad--now owned by CSL's flu vaccine subsidiary--in individuals 65 and older.

Analysis: New Novartis heart failure med has consumers talking

Novartis has been talking up the potential of its brand-new heart failure therapy, Entresto, noting that it could be the company's biggest launch ever. And consumers are taking note.

Faster track to 'megablockbuster'? Novartis' Entresto already soaring on social media

The internet is buzzing with anticipation over Novartis' heart failure treatment Entresto. The promising treatment, fast-track approved by the FDA in early July, saw a 1,400% increase in consumer conversation since then, according to healthcare insights company Treato.