The Swiss pharma company Novartis ranks in the top 10 of pharma companies, and boasts drugs ranging from Ritalin and Lamisil to clozapine, Diovan and Gilenya. It also owns the generic giant Sandoz. Unlike its competitor, GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis did not offer free flu vaccines during the H1N1 flu epidemic.

In March 2011, Novartis gained FDA approval for Gilenya, its multiple sclerosis drug. The nod came on the heels of a narrower EMA approval, which grants second-line treatment status. According to experts, the drug could be worth $3 billion in annual sales as the first oral MS drug on the market.

Novartis purchased the remaining portion of eye care company Alcon in a $12.9 billion deal at the end of 2010, marking the end of one of the biggest battles in biopharma. Although many analysts predicted heavy layoffs in 2010 from the company, only 1,400 jobs were cut in December 2010, with the disclaimer that more could be on the way as Novartis, like others in the industry, analyzes its efficiency.



Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Novartis takes aim at Remicade market with EU biosim rights from Pfizer

Since acquiring Hospira, Pfizer's had a pair of Remicade biosimilars on its hands. Now, it's making moves to pare that number down to one, and Novartis will be reaping the benefits.

Novartis buys EU rights to Pfizer's Remicade biosimilar, targeting Merck

Novartis, which won the U.S.'s first-ever biosimilar approval last year, is expanding its reach in Europe, buying the continental rights to a Pfizer-developed take on the blockbuster Remicade.

Novartis defies naysayers with newfangled pay-for-performance deals on Entresto

Novartis launched its new heart failure drug Entresto under a big spotlight. Market-watchers were predicting a quick zero-to-blockbuster hit, and Novartis execs said the drug might be the company's biggest launch ever.

Novartis bolsters its home-turf advantage in psoriasis with Cosentyx DTC push

Novartis knows that DTC advertising needs to be in the mix if it wants to "fully drive uptake" of the psoriasis-fighter in the U.S. And it's counting on its brand-new spot to get the ball rolling.

Novartis and Microsoft team up to develop intelligent camera system for MS

Novartis has been riding a med tech wave lately, launching new projects to create digital and patient-monitoring devices. In its latest move, the company is working with tech giant Microsoft to develop an intelligent camera system for multiple sclerosis (MS).

Novartis signs with France's MedinCell for controlled-release injection tech

French drug delivery specialist MedinCell is teaming up with Novartis' generic division Sandoz to develop controlled-release drugs with a focus on cancer.

Docs take aim at Novartis' 'horrifying' Entresto ad

It's not often that a disease-awareness campaign makes unwanted waves. But Novartis' recently launched heart failure push is doing just that--literally and figuratively.

Doctors pounce on 'alarmist,' 'horrifying' Novartis heart-failure ad

It's not often that a disease-awareness campaign makes unwanted waves. But Novartis' recently launched heart failure push is doing just that--literally and figuratively.

Pfizer keeps pushing on early hit Ibrance as Novartis, Lilly rivals near market

Pfizer's Ibrance has been steamrolling since it nabbed an early FDA go-ahead last February. And even with competition coming up the pipeline from the company's Big Pharma rivals, Pfizer intends to keep it that way.

With all eyes on Alcon, Novartis plots DTC ad push, new marketing spend

Novartis CEO Joe Jimenez is putting his faith in advertising. As part of a plan for turning around its Alcon unit, the Swiss drugmaker is mounting an aggressive consumer marketing push for its struggling contact lens business.