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Latest Headlines

Big Kahuna statins gobble up bigger share of cholesterol market

No question, statins are the big gorilla of the cholesterol-fighting drug market. And as  Forbes  reports today, that drug class is marking out an even bigger territory as time goes by. Over the past 5 years, statin prescriptions have grown by 17% to 214 million a year, while other cholesterol remedies lost 28% of their scripts. Now, those other drugs only account for 50 million prescriptions a year.

AbbVie takes some heat for raising price of Niaspan after studies panned it

When studies of AbbVie's chloesterol drug Niaspan raised questions about its effectiveness, analysts suggested it would lose its blockbuster status. But in the face of falling sales, AbbVie's former parent Abbott Laboratories simply raised the price.

AbbVie to hack hundreds of reps from cardiovascular sales ranks

AbbVie has a new distinction. It may be the youngest pharma company ever to lay off hundreds of salespeople. Bloomberg reports that the drugmaker, spun off by Abbott Laboratories as of January 1, plans to jettison its cardiovascular salesforce, with layoffs in the "mid-hundreds."

AbbVie CFO sees no need for big acquisition

At the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on Tuesday, AbbVie CFO Bill Chase swept aside suggestions that the new company needed some big acquisition to move forward despite the fact that it is now on its own in the world and essentially living off one product, anti-inflammatory Humira.

AbbVie is pharma's first birth of the new year

Abbott Laboratories' ($ABT) pharmaceuticals business was reborn as an independent company on New Year's Day, in a spinoff that matched every Abbott share with a share of the new AbbVie ($ABBV) stock.

Abbott results don't augur well for pharma spinoff

Abbott Laboratories ($ABT) is so far the only Big Pharma bucking the downward earnings trend. The company posted an increase in profits to $1.62 billion for the fourth quarter, on a 4.1% increase in

Will Abbott's Niaspan fall short of blockbuster sales?

Niaspan prescriptions are lagging in the wake of new data casting doubt on its effectiveness. The Abbott Laboratories cholesterol drug has seen scrips drop 3 percent over recent weeks and 7 percent

Abbott down after NIH halts Niaspan study

The NIH has stopped a study with Abbott Laboratories' cholesterol fighter Niaspan 18 months early after results showed the drug failed to prevent heart attacks and even may have boosted stroke risk.

Merck cholesterol scrips drop as Niaspan rises

Last week, all eyes were on Merck's cholesterol drugs. How did Zetia do in that much-anticipated study pitting it against Abbott Laboratories' Niaspan treatment? Well, the American Heart Association

Merck dodged Zetia bullet, analysts say

The Arbiter 6 trial results may have gone against Merck's Zetia, but Wall Street nonetheless breathed a sigh of relief. The data wasn't as damaging as some had feared. Media coverage wasn't as bad as