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Latest Headlines

Abbott results don't augur well for pharma spinoff

Abbott Laboratories ($ABT) is so far the only Big Pharma bucking the downward earnings trend. The company posted an increase in profits to $1.62 billion for the fourth quarter, on a 4.1% increase in

Will Abbott's Niaspan fall short of blockbuster sales?

Niaspan prescriptions are lagging in the wake of new data casting doubt on its effectiveness. The Abbott Laboratories cholesterol drug has seen scrips drop 3 percent over recent weeks and 7 percent

Abbott down after NIH halts Niaspan study

The NIH has stopped a study with Abbott Laboratories' cholesterol fighter Niaspan 18 months early after results showed the drug failed to prevent heart attacks and even may have boosted stroke risk.

Merck cholesterol scrips drop as Niaspan rises

Last week, all eyes were on Merck's cholesterol drugs. How did Zetia do in that much-anticipated study pitting it against Abbott Laboratories' Niaspan treatment? Well, the American Heart Association

Merck dodged Zetia bullet, analysts say

The Arbiter 6 trial results may have gone against Merck's Zetia, but Wall Street nonetheless breathed a sigh of relief. The data wasn't as damaging as some had feared. Media coverage wasn't as bad as

Niaspan trounces Zetia, spurring debate

Well, analysts were right about that much-anticipated cholesterol drug study. Abbott Laboratories' Niaspan pill did indeed beat out Merck's Zetia at unclogging arteries, according to study results

Analyst: Word is Niaspan beat Vytorin

Apparently word on the street is confirming initial suspicions that Abbott Laboratories' Niaspan outperformed the Merck/Schering-Plough med Zetia in a study that was abruptly called to a halt last

Analysts predict Niaspan won mystery trial

Some enterprising stock analysts think they've solved the mystery surrounding that suddenly-stopped cholesterol drug trial. Earlier this month, researchers abruptly halted the ARBITER 6 study, which

Zetia trial worries deflate Merck

Are investors and analysts jumping to conclusions about the halted Niaspan/Zetia trial? As Merck's shares dropped on news that the study was stopped early, a Deutsche Bank analyst said that the

Why was the Niaspan vs. Zetia trial stopped?

Yes, folks, we have another cholesterol-drug trial mystery on our hands. A study comparing Abbott's Niaspan drug with Merck/Schering-Plough's Zetia was terminated by an independent steering