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Billionaire supporter Paulson could help Teva twist Mylan's arm

Mylan Chairman Robert Coury has said loud and clear that he doesn't think a tie-up with generics rival Teva is a good idea. But he's not the only one who wants his voice heard.

Israel's Teva completes Auspex deal, has new arguments on Mylan offer

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries said it has completed its $3.2 billion acquisition of Auspex Pharmaceuticals, a U.S.-based biopharmaceutical company specializing in development of nervous-system therapies.

What's Mylan worth? For big exec bonuses, $73 per share. For Teva, lots more

Mylan may be demanding more than $100 per share from suitor Teva if it wants to talk takeover. But for itself--and its executives--its expectations aren't nearly that high.

One 'cultural difference' between Teva and Mylan? Coury's $22.5M pay wouldn't fly at Teva

Since before Teva even made its now-rejected $40 billion offer to buy Mylan, its target's exec chairman, Robert Coury, has been pretty down on the idea, citing a potential culture clash between the two companies. While Teva CEO Erez Vigodman has said he thinks they'd get along just fine, the rival drugmakers do have a few big differences between them--including their approach to executive compensation.

Teva CEO 'takes the high road' to rebut Mylan chairman's attack

Hold it right there, Mylan, Teva said in a Wednesday letter to that company's executive chairman. A couple days after receiving a scathing rejection to its $40 billion buyout bid, the Israeli drugmaker has a few things it wants to set straight.

Drug shortages become issue in Teva and Mylan hook-up

Of the 31 drugs shortages listed in the last couple of months, Mylan was a producer of 9 of them and Teva of 5 and in two cases, they both produced the same drug, the supplies of which were limited in some fashion. And if Teva is able to convince Mylan to join forces, this kind of information will be crucial to a review by antitrust regulators.

UPDATED: Third time's no charm for Mylan as Perrigo shoots down latest bid

With Mylan's second bid for Perrigo, it actually hit below the first bid the Irish drugmaker rejected, Perrigo contended. But now, Mylan is back with a third offer to set things straight.

Mylan recalls injectable cancer meds, most produced for Pfizer

Mylan is recalling 8 lots of injectable cancer drugs, most of them manufactured for Pfizer, after particulate was discovered in vials.

Teva's recent history gives Mylan chairman plenty of anti-buyout zingers

On Monday, Mylan slapped Teva with a laundry list of reasons it wasn't interested in a tie-up. But for Mylan, the problems with a get-together go beyond the business--and Chairman Robert Coury said as much before the Israeli drugmaker came forth with its $40 billion bid.

Undeterred by Perrigo rejection, Mylan tells Teva to step off

On Friday, Mylan all but rejected Teva's takeover bid with its own sweetened bid for Ireland's Perrigo. But now, it's made the snub official, delivering a resounding "no" to its generics rival.