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Latest Headlines

Astellas, Medivation to amp up unbranded Xtandi marketing for pre-chemo use

Astellas and Medivation haven't been marketing Xtandi much for the pre-chemotherapy indication in prostate cancer it won last fall. Begun two months ago, the direct-to-consumer efforts--mostly in print--has appeared in journals such as  Patient Resourc e; it also includes some direct relationship marketing.

Another shot at treating Alzheimer's with Dimebon?

As recently as January, tests to use Medivation's Dimebon (latrepirdine) as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease were deemed to be an abject failure. But today, scientists at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and their international colleagues say they see a new round of promising mouse trials as giving the drug another chance because it seemed to generate stunning results by targeting the neurodegenerative condition at an earlier stage.

New Zytiga use could double sales potential

Analysts are rejigging their sales estimates for Johnson & Johnson's prostate cancer pill Zytiga, on the promise that it could target a much larger set of patients.

Surveyed docs see need for new prostate-cancer meds, Medivation says

Medivation ($MDVN), which is developing a new treatment for prostate cancer, said a European survey found that doctors see a need for new treatments that extend patients' lives, with 85% of...

Obama seeks to beat Alzheimer's by 2025

The Obama administration wants the U.S. to figure out how to effectively treat and even prevent Alzheimer's disease by 2025, arguably a medical equivalent of President John F. Kennedy's challenge to

Compound enhances neuron production

Researchers from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center are touting a drug they say can help the brain grow new cells--and their study may lead to ways to improve experimental

Medivation's Dimebon turns in promising results for Huntington's

The drug Dimebon, which has shown some significant promise for Alzheimer's, has now registered positive results in a trial designed to test the therapy's ability to improve thinking, learning and

DEALS: Isis, Alnylam form RNAi company

Isis, Alnylam form RNAi company DEALS WHO WITH WHAT SCOOP Alpharma IDEA

Medivation forges $100M deal to fund trial

The venture capital firm Azimuth Opportunity has agreed to buy up to $100 million of Medivation's stock over the next 18 months as the drug developer pushes through a late-stage trial of an