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Latest Headlines

Myriad snags Medicare coverage for prostate cancer test

Myriad Genetics nabbed Medicare coverage for its prostate cancer screening test, a win for the company as it struggles with waning revenues and increased competition from rivals in the genetic testing market.

Vast majority of consumers want Medicare to negotiate drug prices

President Obama has support for his idea that Medicare needs the power to negotiate drugs prices. The vast majority of consumers think it is a good idea as well.

Breakout Dx player Theranos keys into Medicaid with latest deal in managed care

Theranos has major ambitions--and, if you glance at the composition of its board, it's obvious that diagnostics cost-savings on the massive scale of the U.S. government is at the core of them. Now, it's made a first partnership that moves it toward realizing that goal. It will offer diagnostic testing through managed care provider AmeriHealth Caritas, which serves more than 6.6 million patients across 16 states and the District of Columbia--the bulk of whom are on Medicaid.

U.S. poised to spend $50B on just 10 'breakthrough' meds in 10 years

U.S. payers are striking out at drug spending again, highlighting the cost to taxpayers. According to a commissioned report, 10 hot new "breakthrough" meds are expected to cost publicly funded healthcare plans more than $50 billion over the next decade.

Top Medicare prescribers get top payments from drugmakers: Modern Healthcare

Pharma companies that make payments to doctors--and the doctors who receive those payments--have repeatedly insisted there's no link between those payments and prescriptions. But data on Medicare's top script writers may have them answering for it all over again.

Do doc payments push prescriptions? Study of Medicare scripts suggests it's so

Pharma companies that make payments to doctors--and the doctors who receive them--repeatedly insist there's no link between those payments and prescribing habits. But data on Medicare's top script writers show the highest prescribers of particular meds collect big payments from the makers of those very drugs.

Did Medicare really spend so much on Nexium? Not after rebates

New numbers on federal drug spending may say something about prescribing patterns for Medicare patients. Perhaps too many scripts for branded Nexium, when a generic stomach acid reducer might do, for instance.

Drug price hikes trigger big Medicaid rebates. Medicare? Not so much

Is momentum growing behind the idea of Medicare taking a harder line on drug prices? Not in the pharma industry, that's for sure. But a new Inspector General's report adds some numbers to the argument, and as the New York Times reports, the government's precision medicine initiative might just push the issue.

'Doc fix' reform bill alters Medicare reimbursement for some oral-only meds

The elimination of the Medicare Sustained Growth Rate formula that threatened large Medicare reimbursement cuts to doctors on an annual basis is the most significant entitlement reform achieved by the new Congress.

Medicare takes $4.5B cost hit from superstar hep C treatments

Industry watchers knew Medicare would be shelling out a whole lot more on hepatitis C treatments last year, thanks to new-and-improved drugs. But just how much more did it cough up?