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Latest Headlines

Pfizer aims for Lipitor deal with Express Scripts

Medco Health Solutions ($MHS) and Catalyst Rx may not be the only pharmacy benefits managers with clients blocking Lipitor generics in favor of Pfizer's ($PFE) branded version. As Bloomberg reports,

DoJ subpoenas AZ, Medco about four meds

AstraZeneca and Medco Health Solutions are under the Department of Justice's microscope. Prosecutors have subpoenaed the drugmaker and pharmacy benefits manager about their relationship, asking

Will pharma fight the Express-Medco deal?

As if drugmakers didn't have enough pressure on sales from the upcoming patent cliff, they're now facing the threat of a pharmacy benefits merger that would turn two 900-pound gorillas into one King

Express Scripts strikes $29B deal for Medco

Express Scripts will buy rival Medco Health Solutions for $29.1 billion in cash and stock to create a powerhouse in managing prescription drug benefits in the U.S., provided the Federal Trade

WellPoint jumps into comparative-effectiveness fray

More proof that the U.S. government isn't the only one interested in comparative effectiveness research: WellPoint, a major insurer, is already acting on its own comparisons. Based on a review of

Pediatric drug spending growing fast

Spending on drugs for kids under 19 grew 10.8 percent last year, according to a new report from Medco Health Solutions. That's bigger growth than in any other age group--almost four times the growth

Medco digs deeper into diagnostics for drugs

Medco Health Solutions, the big pharmacy benefits manager, is expanding its genetic-testing program, linking the use of more prescription drugs to diagnostic tests. Aimed at identifying patients who

Will Plavix black box prompt gene tests?

Will a new FDA warning on Plavix help the personalized-medicine cause, or will it just confuse people? That's the question the Wall Street Journal Health Blog asks today. A new "black box" warning

Medco amps up personalized medicine program

The FDA advises, but Medco Health Solutions activates. The pharmacy benefits manager is urging doctors to screen patients before prescribing certain drugs, including the blood thinner warfarin and

Medco plots bigger push into research

If Medco Health Solutions gets its way, we'll all start using pharmaceuticals more effectively. And in a bid to push us to do just that, it's sponsoring more research to help improve drug therapy.