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Latest Headlines

India's Lupin ready to spend $1B to bulk up in EU

Earlier this year, Indian generic drugmaker Lupin picked up a Netherlands-based manufacturing specialist to extend its reach in sterile injectable drugs within Europe. The company, however, is not done buying capacity and capabilities throughout the continent.

Lupin recalls more Suprax on purity problems, adding to Indian pharma's quality questions

In the latest black eye for India's pharma industry, Lupin is recalling some 10,000 bottles of its Suprax antibiotic in the U.S. The pills fell short of standards for purity, the FDA said in a statement on its website.

Lupin recalls more Suprax

Rapidly expanding Indian generic drugmaker Lupin has stumbled, having to recall 5 lots of the antibacterial med Suprax (cefixime) because it failed purity tests.

India's Lupin queues up for a share of the biosimilar boom

With some of its larger rivals already at work on biotech knockoffs, Indian drugmaker Lupin is on the hunt for partners to help shepherd it into the biosimilar fray, taking aim at top-selling treatments soon to come off patent.

India's Lupin joins stampede into injectable meds with Nanomi buyout

India's Lupin is staking a claim in sterile injectables, with a deal to buy the Netherlands-based drugmaker Nanomi.

Lupin stakes a claim on the sterile injectables market

Yet another generic drugmaker is looking to make its mark in sterile injectables. India's Lupin is buying an expert in the field in an effort to break into that market, which has spawned a number of deals in the last year.

Q3 earnings: Gilead excels; Actavis floats; Lupin overcomes price controls; Allergan performs but faces headaches

The third-quarter earnings reports continue to roll in, and good news came in with the tide for some, but not all.

India's Lupin is recruiting for U.S. R&D center

India's Lupin has begun recruiting R&D specialists for a new research center in the U.S. "It's a work in progress," says CEO Vinita Gupta. "We are attracting top-notch research and business development talents for this facility. 

Bayer to face new Yaz rivals as patent goes up in flames

After taking a $500 million charge against 2012 earnings for Yaz and Yasmin-related litigation, Bayer has lost its patent fight with three generics makers intent on selling their own copycats.

Union sues Warner Chilcott, Watson and Lupin over alleged pay-for-delay deal

A union fund is suing Warner Chilcott, Watson Laboratories and Lupin, claiming that their Loestrin 24 Fe patent settlements amounted to unfair market-sharing deals that cost payers money. Warner's key patent on the formula was weak, the fund claims, and the generics makers only backed away because Warner paid them to.