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Latest Headlines

FDA panel backs game-changing cognitive claim for Lundbeck antidepressant Brintellix

Lundbeck is hoping that additional cognitive claims for its blockbuster-in-the-making Brintellix can help set the drug apart from its antidepressant competition. The Danish drugmaker recently got a boost after an FDA committee backed the drug's ability to improve thinking, attention and decision-making in patients.

Lundbeck's big reorg will help fund R&D on new antipsychotic med

As Lundbeck cuts staff and reshuffles R&D, one of its drug candidates has come out a winner.

Lundbeck to advance schizophrenia drug solo after taking an ax to early-stage pipeline

Lundbeck has initiated a rejig of its pipeline, taking an ax to undisclosed early-stage assets in order to funnel cash into what it sees as its most promising candidates. The schizophrenia drug Lu AF35700 is among the beneficiaries of the reshuffle, with Lundbeck using its reorganized balance sheet to advance the therapy through development unpartnered.

Lundbeck is canning 1,000 workers with an eye on profitability

Danish drugmaker Lundbeck is cutting about 1,000 jobs as new management looks to rein in spending, curtail R&D and focus on a handful of new drugs tabbed to drive growth.

Troubled Lundbeck targets 1,000 layoffs in HQ, commercial revamp

Lundbeck is going on a cost-cutting binge. Amid falling sales--and a few months after a new CEO took the helm--the Danish drugmaker says it will cut loose 1,000 employees as part of a plan to save 3 billion kronor, or about $445 million, by 2017.

Advantage Brintellix? Lundbeck advances bid for cognitive label claim

Lundbeck has long touted the cognitive benefits of its depression med, Brintellix, rolling out data that shows the drug improves patients' thinking, decision-making and attention better than its competition. Now the company could be gaining more of an edge for its med, as the FDA accepted a supplemental new drug application to add information about Brintellix's effect on cognitive problems to its label.

Otsuka, Lundbeck bag blockbuster FDA approval for antipsychotic Rexulti

Otsuka is facing plenty of bleeding, now that its blockbuster antipsychotic Abilify has generic competition. But the company is working hard to soften the blow, and a brand-new FDA approval for a long-acting antipsychotic could help.

As schizophrenia rivals rush in, Otsuka and Lundbeck gain FDA OK for Rexulti

Otsuka and its partner Lundbeck snagged an FDA approval for Rexulti (brexpiprazole) to treat schizophrenia and as an add-on therapy for major depression, leaving the two companies prepping for an August launch into an increasingly crowded field.

Has Lundbeck failed to sharpen Brintellix's marketing edge with payers?

Lundbeck's new CEO Kåre Schultz just wrapped up his first month on the job, and chances are he's brainstorming about how to jump-start the company's Brintellix launch. And as Forbes ' John LaMattina notes, the answer might lie with payers.

Lundbeck's EU lobbying yields political boost for anti-alcohol med Selincro

Last month, the European Parliament voted to push the European Commission to take a harder stance on curbing alcohol's harmful health effects. And Lundbeck, which markets alcoholism drug Selincro, did its part to make that happen.