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Latest Headlines

Moves to help ease drug shortages undercut Spectrum

As plant problems drained away supplies of the important generic chemo drug leucovorin a few years ago, Spectrum Pharmaceuticals got to play the hero by upping production of its own branded version, Fusilev, or levoleucovorin.

A tale of two shortages: Spectrum's Fusilev reels as generics reappear, Hikma injectables grow 83% in U.S.

Drug shortages have wreaked havoc on hospitals and drugstores and have also prompted a considerable amount of jockeying on the supply side of things. Some companies have managed to profit off the missteps of their competitors, like Hikma Pharmaceuticals, which saw its generics injectables business grow 47% last year.

Oncologists lament growing drug shortages

Low margins on generic cancer drugs are fueling ongoing shortages, doctors said as the annual American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting wrapped up this week. Oncologists are forced to cast about

FDA works to avert cancer drug shortage

A recent example of the FDA stepping in to help alleviate a drug shortage involves high-flying Spectrum Pharmaceuticals and its anticancer drug, Fusilev (levoleucovorin, in 50-mg single-use vials).

Colon cancer drug shortage raises concerns

There is not a large enough supply of a major colorectal cancer chemotherapy medication, Forbes reports today. The drug is leucovorin, an injectable generic chemotherapy medication, and the shortage