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The 10 best-selling drugs of 2013

It is the big sellers, the blockbusters--no, megablockbusters--that drug execs aspire to develop. And a look at the top 10 best-selling drugs globally can't help but impress with its big numbers.

Merck takes aim at Sanofi with a Lantus biosimilar of its own

Sanofi and its top-selling Lantus may have bought some time last month with a legal wrench in Eli Lilly's spokes, but now Merck has bulldozed its way into the conversation with plans to kick off late-stage studies for its own knockoff of the blockbuster drug, further complicating an already heated fight.

Sanofi wards off Lilly's Lantus challenger with infringement lawsuit

Sanofi's got the top-selling diabetes drug in the world right now, and it intends to keep it that way. The French drugmaker is suing Eli Lilly over infringement claims on four of the patents for its Lantus insulin product, which is set to lose protection next February.

Sanofi blocks Eli Lilly's biosimilar of Lantus at the goal line, buys time

You can scratch Eli Lilly's copycat version of Lantus off its short list of near-term approval prospects. Sanofi says it has filed a lawsuit against Lilly claiming that the pharma rival infringed four of its patents, which is likely to delay any launch until the middle of 2016.

Sanofi has Lantus for now but says its successor is looking good

Lantus is the best-selling diabetes drug in the world right now and the top-selling drug for Sanofi. But the drug goes off patent in 2015, so the French drugmaker is coming on strong with its Lantus successor, known as U300.

Sanofi touts promising PhIII data on next-gen diabetes therapy as rivals circle

Sanofi has peeled back the cover on another chapter of Phase III data for U300, advancing its case that its next-gen diabetes therapy can be safer and just as effective as its blockbuster Lantus as it sets the stage for a regulatory pitch next year. But analysts may be left wondering if the long-acting insulin can successfully beat back rivals with a better set of data.

Easing U.S. drug spending gives Sanofi, Novo room to raise insulin prices

With generics flooding the market, U.S. drug spending fell by about 2% last year. That took pressure off of health insurers and left room for drug price hikes by those companies with drugs in demand, like insulin. Novo Nordisk is one of those companies.

Sanofi spotlights new PhIII diabetes data for son of Lantus

CHICAGO-- Sanofi has provided the first glimpse at Phase III data for new insulin glargine, which is a next-generation version of its top-selling diabetes drug Lantus.

10 Top-selling Diabetes Drugs- 2012

The prevalence of diabetes is growing globally, and with that the size of the diabetes drug market. But the market has gotten increasingly competitive and increasingly complex. All of the top 10 best-selling drugs in the diabetes category are blockbusters, according to EvaluatePharma. So who makes them? Check out the report >>

Sanofi uses multi-pronged strategy to defend its place in diabetes market

With competition fierce in the diabetes category, Sanofi is pushing its franchise in multiple directions, issuing new devices, new drugs and new markets to secure its position.