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Latest Headlines

Endo's off-label Lidoderm mantra, whistleblower says: 'Put the patch where the pain is'

For former Endo sales rep Peggy Ryan, the pivotal moment came about three years into her employment with the Malvern, PA-based company. She was at a national meeting, where the topic of discussion was how to distribute off-label studies in an unsolicited way, she says.

To win over patients, pharma needs to tell the truth, and nothing but, expert says

In PatientView's annual survey of patient groups around the world, survey respondents gave a thumbs-up to drugmakers' innovation and quality. They weren't as impressed, however, with pharma marketing.

Sales-meeting stealth was all in a day's work for J&J whistleblower

Six whistleblowers are collecting some serious dough for helping the U.S. Department of Justice tag Johnson & Johnson with off-label marketing. Under the False Claims Act, they're due a percentage of the $2.2 billion settlement, and in this case, that's more than $20 million each.

Report: Feds get big 'bang for the buck' in fighting pharma fraud

The latest report on healthcare fraud settlements is out, this time from Taxpayers Against Fraud. And this time, as usual, Big Pharma features prominently. The anti-fraud group regularly totes up whistleblower settlements with federal and state governments, and we all know that drugmaker payments account for billions.

Antipsychotics hike diabetes risk in kids, study finds

Watchdogs worried about antipsychotic use in children now have more ammo. A new study links the drugs with Type 2 diabetes. Published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, the study found a threefold increase in diabetes risk for kids who take antipsychotic drugs compared with those taking other psychotropic drugs.

Pharma reps aren't talking about drug risks, study finds

Doctors aren't getting the skinny on drug side effects from pharma reps, a new study finds. Even the most serious risks are often overlooked, the survey found. And while probes of off-label marketing abound, enforcement of risk disclosures during sales visits is mostly absent.

Whistleblower says Cephalon ignored DoJ pact to push off-label uses

The allegations in a recently released lawsuit against Cephalon suggest that company was particularly obscene about pushing off-label uses, because at the time it was operating under a Corporate Integrity Agreement forged after getting caught for similar problems a few years earlier.

Whistleblowers claim Warner execs flouted marketing rules

Two former Warner Chilcott reps have blown the whistle. In a False Claims Act lawsuit unsealed last week, the ex-salespeople detail a long series of allegations, including kickbacks, privacy violations and off-label shenanigans.

Par to pay $45M for off-label Megace marketing

Par Pharmaceutical has joined the off-label rogue's gallery. The drugmaker agreed to pay $45 million to wrap up charges that it promoted Megace ES, a treatment for appetite loss in AIDS patients, for a variety of unapproved uses.

Feds still zealous about off-label marketing, DoJ official says

FDA expected it, and now it's official: The Justice Department won't be backing away from off-label marketing. That's in spite of the instantly notorious appeals court decision in Caronia v. U.S.