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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: For J&J, a hip lawsuit trial victory

After losing two jury trials, Johnson & Johnson/DePuy can now celebrate the fact that a jury has ruled in its favor regarding the company's ASR all metal hip implant.

Biogen Idec, big biotechs trounce pharma players on multiple fronts this decade

A new analysis shows that the biggest biotech players have outperformed a group of pharma giants over the previous three years, with the value of the biotech group up 57% compared with 17.4% growth in the pharma camp.

Johnson & Johnson tops pharma rivals in 10-year test of R&D productivity

A new analysis provides some explanation for why Johnson & Johnson and other companies live at the top of the industry food chain while others struggle to stay healthy. According to figures cited by Forbes, J&J beat the field of global pharma companies in a ranking based on FDA approvals of new drugs over the past 10 years.

Synthes buy props up weak device sales for J&J

Johnson & Johnson posted 10.2% sales growth in its medical devices and diagnostics business last quarter, but take out the boon from its multi-billion-dollar Synthes buyout, and the healthcare giant is facing declines in most of its med tech units.

J&J pharma growth drives big increase in Q1 sales, profits

The drug and device maker posted net profits of $3.5 billion on sales of $17.5 billion, a year-over-year increase of 8.5%. The U.S. market carried much of that load, with an 11.2% sales hike. But the acquisition of orthopedic device maker Synthes gave sales another big boost; it accounted for 5.7% of worldwide sales growth.

Elderly in South often prescribed drugs with dangerous side effects

A new study says doctors in the Southern part of the U.S. are too often prescribing drugs for elderly patients that can have severe side effects and for which there are better alternatives.

2012's 10 highest-paid Med Tech CEOs

On FierceMedicalDevices ' list of 2012's 10 highest-paid med tech CEOs, half are serving in their first full year on the job or are new in the position as of this year. Read the full report >>

Pfizer cuts physician payments by about $17M in 2012

It's not that there is no free lunch for doctors, there are just fewer of them. Some members of Big Pharma are significantly cutting their budgets for spending on docs as lost sales and resulting downsizing lead to fewer pharmaceutical sales reps to pick up lunch,  The Wall Street Journal  reports.

Elan investors approve share buyback but still must decide on buyout

Being a shareholder in Elan these days is a bit like taking a multiple choice quiz in an advanced MBA class. 

Altura Medical draws in $6M for AAA treatment device work

Altura Medical has grabbed $6 million in new venture equity financing, according to a regulatory filing.