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Latest Headlines

Chinese court favors J&J in distribution fight

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) has won a lawsuit against a long-time distribution partner in China. While the amount of money involved may seem puny, it appears to be a big victory in a country that is terribly protective of its domestic drug distributors.

FDA staff backs J&J's Xarelto for heart condition

The staffers' recommendation of approval comes ahead of Wednesday's advisory committee meeting on the expanded use of J&J and Bayer's Xarelto in ACS patients.

How does pharma's CEO pay rank?

We know how pharma CEO pay stacked up within the industry. But how did pharma's 2011 compensation packages compare with those in other industries?

FDA review backs Xarelto for big new use in ACS patients

The anticoagulant won a thumbs-up from FDA reviewers ahead of Wednesday's advisory panel meeting, where FDA experts will weigh a lucrative new indication.

Johnson & Johnson recalls a lot of Imodium

Johnson & Johnson's McNeil Consumer Healthcare is retrieving a lot of Imodium--nearly 54,000 packages

J&J's Zytiga may be useful in early prostate cancer, too

A new study suggests Zytiga may be effective in early-stage disease. The small trial--it involved only 58 patients with localized, high-risk cancer--found that Zytiga wiped out or nearly wiped out tumors in one-third of them.

Pennsylvania still trying get a slice of J&J Risperdal payouts

PA alleges that J&J oversold the drug's benefits while underselling the risks.

ASCO data to shine new light on Pfizer, Roche, J&J drugs

Cancer drug aficionados, rejoice. A slew of new studies goes public later today, as drugmakers gear up for next month's American Society of Clinical Oncology meeting.

Cancer drug experts brace for ASCO abstract dump tonight

ASCO is releasing a mountain of data on cancer studies, and some of the biggest names in the business will be angling for star billing on some closely watched therapies.

New discount persuades NICE to bless J&J's Zytiga

Britain's cost-effectiveness watchdog reversed its decision against the Johnson & Johnson prostate cancer pill, thanks to the company's new discount offer.