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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: Judge hits J&J with $1.1B penalty in Risperdal case

Like other juries before it, an Arkansas panel found that the company's Janssen unit soft-pedaled the antipsychotic drug's risks.

J&J looks for workaround to ease Doxil shortage

The idea is to allow its former contract manufacturer to formulate the cancer drug, and then send it elsewhere for filling and packaging.

J&J considers manufacturing workaround for Doxil

By jumping through some manufacturing hoops, Johnson & Johnson hopes to ease the shortage of its cancer drug Doxil by this fall.

McCoy, who has been dealing with J&J's OTC issues, leaves for Avon

Sherilyn McCoy is leaving J&J to become CEO of Avon, where she'll face investor unrest after the company rejected a takeover bid from fragrance maker Coty.

After losing CEO race to Gorsky, J&J's McCoy jumps ship

Sherilyn McCoy is taking a well-worn path out of her vice chairman's job: She's accepted another CEO post, shortly after losing out in the horse race for J&J's top slot.

'Animal rule' allowed for J&J drug backed for new approval

FDA advisors have backed approval for Levaquin for a new use that the federal government had pushed for.

Study: Metal hips don't heighten cancer risks

For all the bad press metal-on-metal hips generate these days over potential malfunctioning and other safety concerns, a new study offers a small piece of good news: The implants don't appear to boost cancer risks after their first 7 years of use.

Forest pins new hopes on Bystolic with rights buyout

Forest Laboratories has bought full rights to a blood-pressure drug co-marketed with Johnson & Johnson.

MHRA urges docs to avoid some metal hips

The bad news just keeps on coming in for manufactures of metal-on-metal hips. This morning, Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) and Stryker ($SYK) are feeling the heat from the U.K.'s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

An Etch-a-Sketch picture of J&J CEO-to-be Alex Gorsky

Gorsky hasn't been made available to the media, but colleagues say he's a strong leader and a good communicator.