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Latest Headlines

J&J/Ethicon wins FDA nod for biologic blood-clotting patch

Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Biosurgery gained the FDA's blessing for a new device designed to stop otherwise-uncontrollable bleeding during surgical procedures. The regulatory win comes after a tough period of recalls and lawsuits for the larger division.

ASH: Pharmacyclics' ibrutinib seizes center stage with promising leukemia results

Partnered with J&J in a major market deal, Pharmacyclics demonstrated fresh evidence that ibrutinib could control malignancies in patients who were both treatment naïve and unresponsive to other meds.

In Alzheimer's mystery, key biomarker will determine success of pivotal studies

Diagnosing and treating Alzheimer's disease has been one of the big scientific mysteries of the past generation. But even without a full understanding, or even scientific consensus, on what causes the disease, the prospect of earning $9 billion to $10 billion a year for a drug that can even modestly ameliorate a terrible disease afflicting millions of people has kept investigators in the game.

Judge approves J&J/DePuy knee lawsuit payout in Australia

In Australia, at least, Johnson & Johnson's ($JNJ) beleaguered DePuy unit is coming to some resolution regarding poorly made joint replacements. A judge there has approved a settlement for patients who sued over defective knee implants.

J&J persuades court to toss $1.1M in Levaquin damages

Johnson & Johnson has scored a partial court victory in its long-running battle over the antibiotic Levaquin. The drugmaker has faced thousands of lawsuits claiming Levaquin caused tendon injuries--and that J&J didn't do enough to warn patients and doctors of the risk.

Gorsky gets it all at J&J, to replace Weldon as chairman

Alex Gorsky now has it all. The CEO of Johnson & Johnson today was named chairman of the drug and consumer products company, replacing Bill Weldon, who is retiring from J&J after four decades.

Johnson & Johnson unit wins FDA panel backing for new tuberculosis therapy

Johnson & Johnson's Janssen has taken a step closer to gaining approval for the first new way of combating tuberculosis in decades. And an FDA advisory committee voted 18-0 in favor of efficacy of the experimental med, bedaquiline, for combating multidrug-resistant cases of the infection.

For device and Dx companies, there's no turning back from China

Now more than ever, medical device and diagnostics companies can't avoid a simple truth: China is a crucial ingredient for their growth and future. And they're embracing that reality with a vengeance.

Gates-backed index offers Big Pharmas mixed grades on access and R&D practices

An influential group of industry critics has reshuffled its listing of Big Pharma companies, lauding some big players like Johnson & Johnson for improving access to therapies and promoting R&D on neglected diseases while handing out worsening grades to many others. And the entire industry earned a black eye for outsourcing more of their drug development efforts without safeguards to make sure the work being done for them is safe and ethical.

GSK, J&J earn top marks for boosting access to meds for poor

Here's some good news for Big Pharma's image: The latest Access to Medicine Index shows that major drugmakers are doing a better job of getting their products into the hands of patients in poor countries. Since the last report two years ago, some companies have clearly stepped up their game.