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Latest Headlines

J&J metal hip trial stirs up renewed call for 510(k) reform

A San Francisco Chronicle story renews calls for the FDA to close loopholes that allow devices such as all-metal artificial hips to win 510(k) clearance, and avoid human testing before approval as a result.

EU's biggest drugmakers team up in €196M discovery effort

Seven major European drugmakers joined with other pharma companies, academics and other collaborators in a €196 million ($262.6 million) project to share and screen hundreds of thousands of compounds. Report

Fight for anticoagulant market heats up with antidote deals

What would top Xarelto for Bayer and Johnson & Johnson? Xarelto with an easy antidote.

Report: J&J tops list for most productive pharma company

IDEA Pharma ranked Johnson & Johnson No. 1 among drugmakers that are successfully commercializing their new molecules in their third annual Productive Innovation Index.

J&J's Ethicon gets FDA OK on new tissue sealer

Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson, is expanding its Enseal line of tissue sealers, securing FDA clearance for the Enseal G2.

EU enforcers accuse J&J, Novartis of delaying fentanyl generic

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) and Novartis ($NVS) are the latest pharma companies to feel the ire of EU antitrust regulators. European Commission officials have accused the two drugmakers of delaying a generic version of the painkiller fentanyl--and violating competition laws in the process.

In India, a call to halt financial incentives for stent use

The global stent industry might have to brace for problems in India, where observers see surgeons increasingly overusing stents when cheaper drug treatments would work just fine. Some governmental pushback could be in the cards, as The Times of India says kickbacks and gifts are promoting the practice and the medical community is starting to clamor for changes.

Unsatisfied with pharma's price, Bausch + Lomb weighs IPO

Big Pharma may still have a shot at buying Bausch + Lomb, but owners Warburg Pincus are now eyeing an IPO instead. Apparently, the private equity firm isn't satisfied with the price it's likely to get from an industry buyer.

Witness: J&J lowered own standards to deem metal hips 'safe'

When Johnson & Johnson's metal-on-metal hip implants failed an internal safety test, the company opted against fixing the issue and instead just changed its protocols, a witness testified in one of thousands of lawsuits the drug and device giant now faces.

Bausch + Lomb grabs German ophthalmology laser company

Bausch + Lomb just completed its buyout of a German ophthalmology laser company even as the eye-care giant itself remains an acquisition target.