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Latest Headlines

J&J sees Invega franchise boost with FDA nod for longer-acting Trinza version

Johnson & Johnson's once-a-month antipsychotic med Invega Sustenna is already raking in blockbuster numbers, but the company is eyeing even bigger sales for its franchise with FDA approval for a longer acting formula.

J&J nears $7.5M deal in Risperdal case that could have cost $1.2B

It took three years of legal wrangling by Johnson & Johnson, but for this kind of reprieve, it was time well spent. The company agreed to pay $7.5 million to wrap up a notorious Arkansas state lawsuit over Risperdal--a tiny fraction of the original $1.2 billion trial verdict.

Janssen gets Rutgers' help in move to continuous manufacturing

In a virtuous cycle, Johnson & Johnson is kicking in some more funding for continous manufacturing research by Rutgers University, whose engineers are helping J&J's Janssen unit transition some products to the new technology at a plant in Puerto Rico.

Relax, J&J--Eliquis may be surging, but Xarelto's safe for now

Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb's new-age anticoagulant, Eliquis, has been ramping up after a slow start. But Johnson & Johnson, maker of market leader Xarelto, need not worry, thanks to that med's wide base of indications and hefty clinical trials program.

Should Eliquis' surge make Xarelto fans very, very afraid? Not really, analyst says

Johnson & Johnson and Bayer are wont to brag about their achievements with Xarelto, one of the new generation of anticoagulant meds. Rightfully so: Though second to that market by many months, the companies grabbed market share from their old standby rival warfarin and their head-to-head competition Pradaxa, too.

J&J, Endo, Teva and Actavis off the hook in Chicago painkiller lawsuit

Four out of 5 drugmakers sued by the city of Chicago escaped the lawsuit, thanks to a Friday court ruling. The case against Purdue Pharma, however, will go on--albeit in a diminished way.

J&J's DePuy Synthes launches first cellulose-derived dural replacement for neurosurgery

Johnson & Johnson's DePuy Synthes CMF, a unit of the business focused on surgical products for the head, neck and thorax, has launched Synthecel, the first marketed dural replacement made of cellulose for use in brain surgery.

J&J recruits a pioneering expert panel to handle compassionate-use pleas

In an industry first, Johnson & Johnson has collaborated with the NYU School of Medicine to create a panel of experts who will evaluate pleas for access to its experimental meds. And it's being chaired by Arthur Caplan, a nationally recognized bioethicist who has long advocated for a better approach in handling compassionate-use requests.

J&J's 2018 Remicade patent smacked down at PTO again

Johnson & Johnson said the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejected a 2018 Remicade patent for the second time, putting the blockbuster anti-inflammatory's exclusivity in jeopardy. But the company also said it would appeal, a process that could take years.

Boston Sci partners with Brainlab, as revenue outlook goes flat and legal costs weigh

Boston Scientific is looking determinedly toward the future with a new partnership with deep brain stimulation player Brainlab and positive data for its peripheral artery disease drug-eluting stent. But the past keeps weighing upon it as litigation costs pile up from vaginal mesh lawsuits and the recent settlement with Johnson & Johnson over the long-standing Guidant dispute.