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Latest Headlines

It's not bedtime yet for J&J in false advertising lawsuit over baby products

Johnson & Johnson could lose some shut-eye after the latest decision in a marketing suit over the company's Bedtime Products for babies. A federal judge tossed out the company's request to dismiss the case, which says that J&J intentionally misled consumers by falsely advertising that the products could help infants sleep better.

J&J signs pledge to combat antimicrobial resistance at Davos summit

Johnson & Johnson is one of more than 80 companies and organizations to sign the Declaration on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance, which was launched at the annual gathering of global bigwigs in Davos, Switzerland.

Levaquin users slap J&J with $800M RICO suit, claiming pharma giant hid serious side effects

Johnson & Johnson is facing yet another lawsuit over its antibiotic Levaquin from people who claim that the company hid serious side effects tied to the drug. The latest legal action comes a couple of months after an FDA panel flagged serious problems associated with the entire class of antibiotics and voted to change the meds' labels.

J&J halts a depression program in the shadow of a fatal French trial

In the wake of a disastrous French clinical trial that left one volunteer dead, Johnson & Johnson has voluntarily suspended development of a similar drug until more information comes to light.

Sanofi Pasteur joins other industry, academic players in Human Vaccines Project

Sanofi Pasteur has become the latest industry player to join up with the Human Vaccines Project--a global consortium seeking to address prominent issues hindering vaccine development--announcing late last week it's contributing funds for scientific and administrative activities.

Supreme Court rebuffs another J&J appeal, leaving $140M failure-to-warn judgment intact

Johnson & Johnson is zero for two at the U.S. Supreme Court this month. Last week, the court refused to weigh its final appeal against a $124 million penalty in a Risperdal marketing case. Now, the high court has said the same about an even bigger judgment.

J&J axes 3,000 jobs in bid to save $1B and revive lagging medical devices business

Johnson & Johnson's medical device segment has become something of a red-headed stepchild for the company, with sales for the unit lagging behind its fast-growing pharma business. But the company is rolling out a game plan to get things back on track, with job cuts featuring at the top of its to-do list.

JPM: Don't expect any splashy device acquisitions from J&J

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) CEO Alex Gorsky struck a skeptical tone when it comes to large M&A deals at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, stressing the company's desire to return money to shareholders, including about 50% in the form of dividends.

Evotec hits an R&D milestone with J&J in an ambitious Alzheimer's collaboration

Risk-sharing researcher Evotec said it's advancing an early-stage Alzheimer's disease project alongside partner Johnson & Johnson, working to find new approaches to treating the neurodegenerative disorder.

Revamped J&J South Africa plant set to double workforce

Johnson & Johnson has beefed up a pharma manufacturing plant in Cape Town, South Africa that makes consumer health products. Now it intends to beef up the workforce there.