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Latest Headlines

J&J's Stelara may be under fire in psoriasis, but it's positioned to score elsewhere

Novartis is aiming to distinguish new psoriasis med Cosentyx from the rest of the next-gen field by building up its label, adding nods for conditions including ankylosing spondylitis. But it'll have some competition in that space, too.

Should J&J break up? Get ready for a new round of debate

Johnson & Johnson has heard the advice before: Split up and reap the benefits. This time, it's CNBC 's Jim Cramer making the call, and he figures the sum of J&J's parts would be 50% bigger than the whole is now. And he thinks an activist investor might step in and give J&J a push in that direction.

Top 10 pharma companies in social media

Social media success in consumer marketing has advanced beyond counting fans and followers. Today it's all about shares, retweets and links that indicate real consumer engagement with brands....

From the pharma C-suite: J&J on Asia, emerging markets in Q2

For the second quarter of the year, Johnson & Johnson as usual has the pole position on reporting, and CEO Alex Gorsky was on hand with a midyear update.

GSK and J&J/Bavarian Nordic take Ebola candidates to Senegal, Europe

Although the waning Ebola outbreak had Big Pharmas struggling to find volunteers for their Ebola vaccine trials, two new Phase II trials are going forward. GlaxoSmithKline will take its candidate to Senegal, while Johnson & Johnson and partner Bavarian Nordic will test their vaccine in France and the U.K.

J&J expects Fort Washington, PA, consumer plant to be back on line soon

Two Johnson & Johnson consumer health plants that operate under a consent decree from the FDA will no longer need to be monitored by outsiders, and the plant that was ground zero for the company's consumer health quagmire is expected to go back online after being sidelined for 5 years to regain standing with the FDA.

J&J set to reopen McNeil plant amid consumer biz overhaul

Johnson & Johnson is moving closer to resolving its consumer healthcare woes, preparing to reopen a Philadelphia-area factory that was once at the center of the drama.

J&J chief touts $1B-plus prospects for coming psoriasis med guselkumab

Johnson & Johnson knows that "competition in the immunology space is fierce," as CEO Alex Gorsky admitted on the company's second-quarter conference call. After all, companies developing next-gen psoriasis-fighters have recently been going head-to-head against the company's Stelara to prove their efficacy. But the New Jersey pharma giant isn't planning on being left behind.

UPDATED: J&J's pharma biz takes Q2 hit on hep C slippage, but new meds keep delivering

Johnson & Johnson's second-quarter results might look bad on the surface--the strong dollar dragged down overall sales by 7.9%--but even without that hit, the top line grew by just 1.7%. Its fast-growing pharma business, which has been making up for shortfalls elsewhere in the company for some time, faltered because of collapsing Olysio sales.

Biopharma's 10 highest-paid heads of R&D

The year's 10 highest-paid development executives pulled in $124.4 million in total compensation, a roughly 35% jump over 2013's top earners. And while each entrant benefited from meeting individual company goals, the whole group benefited from biopharma's macroeconomic moment in the sun, as the value of stock awards skyrocketed alongside the industry index.