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Latest Headlines

FDA balks on generic Concerta as Mallinckrodt, Actavis meds gobble up market

Back in November, the FDA gave drugmakers producing cheap knockoffs of Johnson & Johnson's ADHD med Concerta 6 months to prove that their copycat versions were equivalent to the brand-name drug, or remove their product from the market. But that time has come and gone, and the FDA has yet to issue a final word on the meds.

Deal buzz: Forget Pfizer. Traders bet GSK as a match for J&J, Roche

Another week, another rumor about the target on GlaxoSmithKline's back. This time, U.K. traders were talking up a different potential takeover--not by Pfizer, but by Johnson & Johnson or Roche.

J&J teams with Emulate to use organ-on-a-chip technology in R&D programs

Johnson & Johnson has teamed up with Emulate to incorporate organ-on-a-chip technology into its R&D programs. The project will allow J&J to assess whether the technology can do a better job than animal models at assessing pulmonary thrombosis and predicting liver toxicity.

J&J's global hunt for new drugs, cool new tech spurs 17 new deals

Johnson & Johnson today took the wraps off its latest collection of collaborations aimed at everything from setting up new "asset-centric" drug development operations with a partner in China to exploring ways to prevent Type 1 diabetes with investigators at Washington University. Its latest tally of 17 new deals and developments also includes a new Innovation hub in Sweden and brings its global total for its deal teams to more than 200 projects over two years running.

Inflectra vs. Remicade study could be just what the doctor ordered for biosimilars

A study released today that pitted Hospira's biosimilar Inflectra against its reference drug Remicade in patients with rheumatoid arthritis is good news for Hospira, and by default Pfizer. It found that patients who were switched to the copy did just as well, with no unexpected side effects, as they had on Merck and Johnson & Johnson's Remicade.

Myth-dispelling data dive prompts J&J to overhaul hiring policy

Advocates of Big Data analytics often cite their craft as the antidote to gut decisions, arguing more rational, data-driven reasoning is now within the reach of businesses. At Johnson & Johnson they are putting the idea to the test, notably by digging into their employment data to support the hiring of fresh college graduates over industry veterans.

Big data tells J&J that recent grads are more loyal than experienced hires

The "people analytics team" at drugmaker Johnson & Johnson used big data analysis techniques on employees to figure out whether hiring people with experience pays off better than picking up kids right out of college. The result is good news for all of those MBA still beating the bushes for a job.

U.K. cost watchdogs boost J&J's Stelara ahead of hefty competition

U.K. cost watchdogs, which late last year recommended Johnson & Johnson's Stelara in psoriatic arthritis for some patients, have confirmed the decision to cover the drug. It is providing J&J a boost when it needs it most.

AbbVie, J&J gallop toward first-line Imbruvica sales with new survival data

Imbruvica partners Johnson & Johnson and AbbVie are counting on their blood cancer star Imbruvica to move up into earlier lines of chronic lymphocytic leukemia therapy, where the market potential is bigger. And now, they've got some trial data to support that move.

Zytiga metabolite looks promising as amped-up prostate cancer therapy

J&J's blockbuster cancer drug Zytiga (abiraterone) has helped redraw the map for treating prostate cancer since its approval four years ago. And now a researcher at the Cleveland Clinic says that a metabolite of the drug may work better than the therapy itself in treating the disease.