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Latest Headlines

AstraZeneca opens Indian IT center as 13-year outsourcing experiment nears end

AstraZeneca is following the well-trodden path of offshoring part of its IT to India. But unlike some of its peers--and in a reversal of its own strategy--the Big Pharma is adding in-house capacity and lessening its reliance on IT service providers.

More FDA issues arise for Hospira in India

About three months before Hospira closed on its acquisition of an API plant from India's Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, FDA inspectors made a visit to the facility in Waluj. They had concerns with what they found.

India's top drugmakers forecast to invest $8B in production upgrades

India's 20 largest drug manufacturers are forecast to boost their plant investments by 40%  by 2017-18,  to more than Rs 50,000 crore ($8.3 billion), as they look to improve quality and chase new patent expirations.

UPDATED: Merck KGaA negotiates huge production deal with Lupin

Merck is investing €80 million ($107.67 million) in a new plant in China to make treatments for diabetes and other conditions and to realize its aspirations there. But it appears it is looking to India as a way to cut production costs on some of its older products.

Blackberry to integrate medical devices in India

Blackberry is launching an ambitious project to integrate thousands of medical devices in India in order to detect illnesses earlier. 

Wockhardt expects to resolve most FDA concerns within the year

Wockhardt has been in a world of hurt since the FDA last year banned two of the plants that made drugs for the U.S. market. But the Indian drugmaker has said that with the help of outside consultants it can get most of its problems with the FDA resolved within the year, and that has the M&A handicappers suggesting it is prime takeover target.

Indian drugmakers giving up 'advantage' to move to higher-margin drugs

The "Indian advantage" has been the ability to do clinical trials and manufacture drugs for global export at perhaps a tenth of the cost that drugmakers in the West face. But with actions by the FDA and Western regulators forcing plants from exporting to those markets and a need to move to higher-margin drugs, some Indian drugmakers are giving up that edge in an effort to raise profits.

Wockhardt again recalls generic of AstraZeneca drug after it fails testing

India's troubled Wockhardt is again expanding its voluntary recall of metoprolol succinate extended-release tablets, a generic of AstraZeneca's hypertension drug Toprol XR. This is Wockhardt's third recall of the drug in about four months.

Lupin took hard look at troubled Wockhardt for possible bid

Nilesh Gupta, managing director of India's Lupin, told Bloomberg that his company gave Wockhardt a financial sizing up recently before deciding it didn't represent a good M&A target.

Jumping into global M&A mix key to India growing its pharma industry

India's drug business has taken a big financial hit in the last years as the FDA has stopped some of its top players from shipping drugs to the U.S. But experts still see big potential in the industry, saying it will grow faster than other Indian industries, particularly if players shed their conservative approach and get involved in the global M&A mix that their larger competitors are benefiting from.