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Latest Headlines

Waksal's post-prison startup runs into more fraud allegations

Sam Waksal, the once-jailed former CEO of ImClone, is again the subject of fraud accusations as a former associate says he bailed on an investment deal designed to circumvent his punishment and defaulted on a $15 million promise.

Waksal's new biotech spins out its gene therapy biz with an IPO in mind

Kadmon, a biotech company founded by the once-jailed former CEO of ImClone, is spinning out its gene therapy division on the path to a long-promised IPO, touting a novel approach to the fast-moving field.

Zymeworks pockets $15M, woos Lilly with its double-barreled antibodies

Vancouver, Canada's Zymeworks has its eyes on a big 2014, signing up with Eli Lilly to lend out its cancer-targeting platform and raising $15 million to advance oncology candidates of its own.

Bristol-Myers dumps rights to Lilly's troubled PhIII Erbitux successor

Three years after Bristol-Myers Squibb and Eli Lilly settled a nasty legal scrap over the rights to necitumumab--a cancer drug initially pursued by ImClone and pushed ahead into late-stage tests--BMS has dumped its rights to the troubled program.

Ex-ImClone boss takes top job at Bill Gates-backed startup

Dan Lynch, the former CEO and financial chief of ImClone Systems (acquired by Eli Lilly), has taken the executive chairman job at the Cambridge, MA-based biotech startup Nimbus Discovery.

Icahn sues Amylin in hopes a proxy fight will trigger sale

Carl Icahn is turning up the heat on Amylin Pharmaceuticals' board of directors.

Can Denner's new hedge fund replicate Icahn's golden biotech touch?

After reportedly adding $2 billion to Carl Icahn 's treasure chest, Alex Denner is now off on his own, setting up a new hedge fund that presumably will set out to follow the same biotech blueprint

ImClone suspends ops at Erbitux plant

A manufacturing facility on a New Jersey campus of ImClone Systems is being idled, leaving about 140 employees to earn new positions with the company or take severance packages. Report

Whitworth, Icahn raise Genzyme stakes

Activist investors are loading up on Genzyme shares. Carl Icahn (photo), who's led proxy fights with several drug companies, tripled his stake in Genzyme to 4.8 million shares from 1.5 million

Lilly hustles ImClone cancer programs into Phase III

Eli Lilly isn't wasting any time capitalizing on its $6.5 billion buyout of ImClone Systems. Lilly says it is planning new human trials on up to eight of the ImClone cancer programs it acquired,