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Latest Headlines

AbbVie partners with Arabio for production in Saudi Arabia

As growth has slowed in some emerging markets, Western drugmakers are looking to second- and third-tier emerging markets to gain momentum. The Middle East has become the new hot spot for pharma, and AbbVie has found its way there.

Which brands grab the drug-spending title? AbbVie's Humira, AZ's Nexium lead the way

Which drugs cost U.S. health plans the most? Take a look at this year's iteration of Express Scripts' annual Drug Trend Report, and you'll find commentary on drug prices, the pharma industry, and American society. Not to mention a hint at which brands are best at getting themselves noticed.

The 10 best-selling drugs of 2013

It is the big sellers, the blockbusters--no, megablockbusters--that drug execs aspire to develop. And a look at the top 10 best-selling drugs globally can't help but impress with its big numbers.

More Humira sales gains help AbbVie meet forecasts

AbbVie's first full year as an independent pharma company is on the books, and the fast-growing drug that has buoyed it from the start continues to churn out sales growth. Once again, Humira revenues made double-digit gains, driving a fourth-quarter profit that matched analysts' expectations.

Humira sales, up 19%, continue to carry AbbVie

What is better than having the best-selling drug in the world.? Having the best-selling drug and seeing its sales sprint ahead by more than 19% for a quarter.

Ablynx lands $840M AbbVie deal on next-gen Humira successor

AbbVie has whipped out the checkbook to close a partnership with Belgian antibody specialist Ablynx on one of its lead programs, paying $175 million upfront and promising up to $665 million more in milestones in exchange for a next-gen approach to rheumatoid arthritis that could eventually succeed Humira.

Top 10 rheumatoid arthritis drugs 2013

Humira is the world's best-selling drug, bringing in $9.6 billion last year. The way drug information specialist EvaluatePharma sees it, AbbVie's ($ABBV) gem is going to remain the...

Oncobiologics allies with inVentiv on biosimilars development

The Cranbury, NJ-based biotech says they will focus on knockoffs of Humira, Rituxan, Avastin, Herceptin and Erbitux.

Humira stays strong for AbbVie as drugmaker scrambles for new offerings

Revenues were up, net earning were down and the world's leading seller right now, Humira, continues to pull off some significant sales growth. That is the short version of the first-ever second-quarter earnings report for Big Pharma's newest player, AbbVie.

NICE nods for Eylea, Abilify; FDA panel backs new Cimzia use

The regulators have spoken on both sides of the Atlantic. And in both cases, we have winners--and we have losers.