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Latest Headlines

Amgen's Humira biosimilar clears Phase III and joins a crowd of contenders

Amgen's knockoff of AbbVie's top-selling Humira measured up to its reference product in a Phase III trial, clearing the way for the Big Biotech as it waits for the blockbuster injection to lose patent protection next year.

Humira gives AbbVie solid Q3 support, but biosimilars loom

Humira continued to bring in more than half of AbbVie's revenues, exceeding analysts' expectations and propelling the drugmaker to an earnings beat. But one of the company's hopefuls, hep C med Viekira Pak, missed in Q3, potentially throwing a wrench into AbbVie's plans to reap more from new meds.

Lilly and Incyte's oral arthritis drug tops Humira in a big Phase III trial

A new pill from Eli Lilly and Incyte beat AbbVie's injectable Humira, the world's top-selling drug, in a Phase III rheumatoid arthritis trial, setting the stage for an FDA submission.

Baxalta joins biosim makers eyeing a piece of AbbVie's Humira

​As the world's best-selling drug, AbbVie's Humira has a biosimilar target painted on its back--and Baxalta is the latest to take aim.

Baxalta and Momenta target Humira with a Phase III biosimilar trial

Partners Baxalta and Momenta Pharmaceuticals are setting sights on the world's top-selling drug with a biosimilar of their own, moving into Phase III with a copy of AbbVie's cornerstone medicine.

AbbVie has plenty of cost-cutting room if Humira sales hit the skids: analyst

Some industry watchers foresee biosimilars gutting Humira sales not too far into the future, though maker AbbVie disagrees.

Fretting about potential Humira pain for AbbVie? Take heart in potential cost cuts

Some industry-watchers foresee biosimilars gutting Humira sales not too far into the future, though maker AbbVie disagrees. If that scenario does play out, though? The Illinois pharma has room to pare down its marketing expenses, according to one analyst.

UPDATED: AbbVie scores FDA approval for expanded Humira label

AbbVie wants to get the most that it can out of blockbuster Humira before biosimilars in the U.S. and Europe come knocking. Part of that plan involves expanding the drug's label, and the Illinois pharma recently notched a win as the FDA approved Humira to treat a rare inflammatory skin disease.

AbbVie falls short on Q2 sales--but don't blame biosimilars, CEO says

Huge sales leaps for AbbVie's Humira have been powering revenue forecast beats for the company in recent quarters. But this time, international sales of the drug took a hit, leading the Illinois pharma to fall short of analysts' top-line expectations.

Merck, Samsung rack up data on Humira biosim, setting stage for approval apps

Industry watchers expect biosimilars for AbbVie's Humira to be the most successful copycat biologics launched in the U.S. and Europe, and that's something Merck and Samsung are trying to get in on.