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Latest Headlines

China's 3SBio returns to market and pulls in $710.7M in HK IPO

Mainland China biotech 3SBio raised $710.7 million through an initial public offering on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, reaching the high end of expectations two years after delisting from the Nasdaq and going private and highlighting a series of other recent biotech-related capital moves in Greater China.

Amoun Pharma investors make another run at a $700M-plus sale

It's try, try again for Egypt-based Amoun Pharmaceuticals. The drugmaker, among the largest in its home country, hired Goldman Sachs to look for potential buyers after previous efforts failed.

NYT: Goldman Sachs caught in the middle of Valeant, Allergan takeover fight

Goldman Sachs has a reputation for helping its clients ward off hostile takeover attempts. But since Allergan brought the firm on to defend against Valeant's unsolicited bid, Goldman's been rather quiet--prior involvement with Valeant may have something to do with it, The New York Times reports.

Goldman Sachs sinks $20M into India devicemaker

Goldman Sachs is the latest multinational to see promise in India's surging medical tech industry. The global investment bank invested about $20 million in BPL Medical Technologies to help the medical device and instrument company's expansion plans.

T2 reels in $40M Series E for Candida assay trial and launch

T2 Biosystems pulled in a whopping $40 million Series E funding round to support clinical testing and a commercial launch of the company's Candida infection rapid diagnostic assay.

No breakup for J&J? Goldman analyst says 'Sell'

Goldman Sachs analyst Jami Rubin can be tough to please. Particularly for companies that aren't jazzed about the idea of splitting themselves into smaller pieces. Hear that, Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ)?

AstraZeneca entices Roche exec to take on CEO challenge

AstraZeneca turned heads today with an unexpectedly intriguing CEO choice: Roche's Pascal Soriot, who's been the Swiss drugmaker's COO and pharma chief since 2010. Within hours, Soriot had a full wardrobe of expectations to try on.

Dissatisfied with bids, Warner Chilcott opts for $1B dividend

No one made an offer Warner Chilcott ($WCRX) couldn't refuse. So the Irish drugmaker says it's not selling itself after all. Instead, it will spend $1 billion on a $4-per-share dividend, presumably as a consolation prize for shareholders.

J&J should split itself three ways, Goldman analyst says

As Goldman Sachs analyst Jami Rubin sees it, there's another major drugmaker whose whole is worth less than the sum of its parts. This time, it's Johnson & Johnson--and Rubin figures it would be worth more split three ways.

ICD market has hit bottom, rebound to follow

With the wrap-up of the Heart Rhythm Society meeting in Boston last week, one of the major investment bank's came away with an encouraging message: The market for implantable cardioverter defibrillators has hit bottom.