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Latest Headlines

Two hep C patients strike back at insurers for limiting coverage of pricey treatments

Two patients in Washington state are suing insurers for restricting their access to the latest hep C treatments, the latest chapter in the saga over hep C pricing as insurers grapple with the meds' costs and often limit coverage as a result.

AbbVie guides cautious on Viekira with sharp competition and price cuts ahead in Japan

AbbVie CEO and Chairman Rick Gonzalez gave a good update on Japan for hepatitis C treatment Viekira which entered a market in December already served by Harvoni from Gilead Sciences and Bristol-Myers Squibb product Daklinza.

UPDATED: Gilead's hep C juggernaut continues in Q4, even as U.S. sales fall

Gilead Sciences and its hep C juggernaut continued to churn out big sales in Q4 and bested Wall Street expectations, but it took strong growth overseas to overcome an expected falloff of sales of Sovaldi and Harvoni in the U.S.

Replacing a biotech legend, Gilead's new CEO inherits sky-high expectations

John Martin, the man who led Gilead Sciences from the basements of biotech to the verge of Big Pharma, is stepping down after 20 years, with longtime lieutenant John Milligan in line to take his place.

Strike two: Gilead chalks up another setback for top pipeline prospect simtuzumab

Gilead has racked up its second straight setback on simtuzumab, scrapping a mid-stage study for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis after a data monitoring group concluded that the drug wasn't working as expected.

Gilead wins speedy FDA review for latest hep C combo

Gilead Sciences already reaps billions from its hep C meds Sovaldi and Harvoni, but the company isn't content to sit back with the status quo. It's prepping a new hep C combo for FDA approval and recently got a boost after the agency granted the med a speedy review.

Gilead lines up for a fast FDA OK with its next-gen hep C combo

Gilead Sciences, already dominating the market for hepatitis C cures, is nearing FDA approval for a new combination therapy that promises to treat a wider range of patients than the company's two approved products.

Gilead's Harvoni beats Sovaldi, AbbVie's Viekira Pak in hep C drug safety: Advera

Recent analyses have shown that Gilead's hep C superstars Harvoni and Sovaldi are safer than AbbVie's rival med Viekira Pak. But Harvoni could be the safest option of the three, turning up the fewest reports of serious side effects, according to a new report by healthcare informatics firm Advera Health Analytics.

Advera: Harvoni bests Sovaldi, Viekira Pak in hep C drug safety

Recent reports have shown that Gilead's hep C superstars are linked to fewer serious side effects than AbbVie's rival med Viekira Pak. But Harvoni could take home the prize of being the safest option of the three drugs, as it turned up fewer serious side effects in postmarketing safety data than its hep C peers.

Sitting on $25B, Gilead goes shopping for high-dollar buyouts

Gilead Sciences, raking in revenue with its revolutionary hepatitis C franchise, is intensifying its M&A rhetoric as it sits on a huge pile of cash, scouting for deals in the $10 billion range.