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Latest Headlines

JAMA: Gilead, AbbVie hep C meds cost-effective even in early stages of liver disease

Payers have complained loudly about the cost of next-gen hep C meds from Gilead and AbbVie, arguing that the drugs should be reserved for the sickest patients. But now insurers are facing some evidence to the contrary, as a new study shows that new hep C meds are cost-effective when taken in early stages of the disease.

Gilead scores additional indications for Harvoni in hep C, HIV patients

Gilead Sciences enjoys top dog status in the hep C market with Sovaldi and combo drug Harvoni, and the drugmaker wants to keep it that way. The company recently scored FDA approval for new indications for Harvoni in patients with HIV and certain subtypes of hep C, giving Gilead more ammo as it protects its market share from archival AbbVie.

Medicaid calls on Gilead, AbbVie to answer hep C drug pricing questions

Some state Medicaid programs have held back on covering pricey hep C meds, limiting access to the drugs to the sickest individuals to save cash. But the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is not pleased with this approach and is calling on hep C drugmakers to lay out some pricing options that could help expand coverage for patients.

Gilead wins FDA approval for a new HIV combo pill with rivals at its heels

Gilead Sciences won FDA approval for another combination tablet designed to keep HIV from replicating itself, a drug the company touts as a safer alternative to products already on the market.

Vertex looks to gene therapy, RNA deals to quash takeover talk

Vertex is ready to get its checkbook out to quell talk of it being a takeover target for Biogen and Gilead. The plan is to use the cash flow from recently approved cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi to strike pipeline-broadening deals, with gene therapy and RNA two fields in the company's sights.

China's WuXi PharmaTech, Gilead focus on analytical testing in wider partnership

Shanghai-based WuXi PharmaTech has opened a door for Gilead Sciences in China that comes as the California-based maker of blockbuster hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni looks to expand in Asia, and particularly in China, for its leading therapies.

Gilead tees up another hep C combo for FDA review

Gilead Sciences, reaping billions from its duo of approved hepatitis C therapies, is moving toward the market with a third pill that promises to cure a wider range of patients with the virus.

Gilead faces Q3 slowdown for hep C superstars

Gilead Sciences has been dealing with a slowdown for its hep C superstars Sovaldi and combo drug Harvoni, with prescriptions for the drugs petering off during the second quarter and analysts expecting things to continue in the same vein. As predicted the company's lagging momentum continued into Q3, with sales growth for its hep C treatments staying flat despite beats on earnings.

ResearchKit-enabled project sets out to track real-world effectiveness of hep C drugs

When Gilead's Sovaldi and AbbVie's Viekira Pak came to market, physicians had little real-world evidence for either drug on which to base their prescribing decisions. In an attempt to fill this gap and find out what happens to hepatitis C patients between physician visits, Boston Children's Hospital has created an app for Apple ResearchKit.

Roche, Boehringer and Gilead line up for EU drug approvals

The European Medicines Agency is moving toward approving a trio of novel medicines from Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim and Gilead Sciences, handing down positive recommendations for each.