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Latest Headlines

Gilead's Sovaldi turns in outsize Q1 sales

Powered by sales that averaged more than $25 million a day for brand-new hep C drug Sovaldi, Gilead Sciences beat all expectations, with quarterly sales that nearly doubled and profits that tripled in the first quarter.

Gilead's Sovaldi, GSK's Anoro stand out in 2014's blockbuster crop, report says

Want to take a guess about which three new drugs are marked for greatness in 2014? One of them is obvious. Another, not so much. And the third isn't approved yet.

Which therapies top Thomson Reuters' list of new drugs to watch this year?

The industry analysts at Thomson Reuters put their heads together to tap the biggest new blockbusters in the making this year and surprised no one by capping the list with Gilead's Sovaldi.

AbbVie angles for hep C spotlight as Merck shoulders to the front

While AbbVie is widely expected to be the second entrant to the soon-to-explode market for hepatitis C cocktail drugs after standard-bearer Gilead Sciences, promising data from latecomer Merck have analysts relegating the Illinois company to third place despite some excellent late-stage results.

Express Scripts adds fuel to the fire in fight over Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi

Express Scripts released more stunning numbers on what could happen with spending on drugs to treat hepatitis C as it builds a case against the price Gilead Sciences has put on a drug that can cure the disease.

Express Scripts assembling anti-Sovaldi coalition to shut out Gilead hep C drug

Express Scripts and Gilead Sciences are playing a high-priced game of chicken. At stake is the fate of Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), Gilead's high-priced hepatitis C pill, and the future of hep C treatment in the U.S. Not to mention the future of Sovaldi rivals from AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and more.

Politicians add fuel to the firestorm over Gilead's hep C drug pricing

Rep. Henry Waxman and several Democratic colleagues in Congress wrote Gilead CEO John Martin an excoriating letter on Friday, demanding to know why Gilead Sciences' hepatitis C wonder drug Sovaldi costs $84,000--and whether Gilead is doing anything to make sure that poor patients get access to it.

Idenix takes to Europe with its Gilead patent spat

Idenix Pharmaceuticals believes Gilead Sciences violated its patents with the blockbuster-selling hepatitis C pill Sovaldi, and the biotech has expanded its legal fight into Europe, angling for a cut of sales.

CA panel shivs Gilead's Sovaldi on price, suggests focusing it on sickest hep C patients

Payers are growing increasingly balky at the price Gilead Sciences slapped on its breakthrough hepatitis C pill Sovaldi. An expert panel in California that assesses new treatments voted Sovaldi a "low value" treatment--not because it doesn't work well enough, but because of its $1,000-a-pill price tag.

Ranbaxy issues a recall, but so do Pfizer, Baxter, Gilead and Mylan

India's Ranbaxy Laboratories has issued another recall for its generic Lipitor, but a series of product recalls in recent weeks have come from plants around the world and companies as varied as Pfizer, Mylan and Gilead Sciences.