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Latest Headlines

Purdue loses a battle in war against OxyContin generics

It's bad news for Purdue Pharma but good news for generics makers such as Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. A federal appeals court affirmed a lower court's decision to toss out some Purdue's patents for its top-selling pain drug OxyContin, further opening the door to cheap knockoff versions of the med.

Don't blame industry trends for Sandoz's slide, analyst says. But biosimilars? Maybe

Last week, Novartis' Sandoz unveiled weak numbers, blaming them on broader generics-industry trends. But at least one analyst isn't convinced that's the culprit.

Novartis braces for multibillion-dollar generics hit as Gleevec copies launch

It's a dark day at Novartis. Sun Pharma rolled out its copycat version of Novartis' blockbuster cancer drug Gleevec, setting the Swiss drugmaker up for a big hit to 2016 sales.

Amgen's Humira biosim is one step closer to FDA approval. But how close is it to market?

On Monday, Amgen said the FDA had accepted its application for its biosimilar of AbbVie's Humira, so-called ABP 501--but earlier this month, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shut down its challenge to Humira's patents.

Big question for Pfizer: Will Enbrel's EU biosim bring on the pain?

Amgen and Pfizer's Enbrel officially has a biosimilar rival in Europe. And if the rollout goes anything like the recent EU launch of Remicade copy Remsima, the blockbuster brand will be in trouble.

PTO shuts down Amgen's Humira IP challenge

Amgen has hit a potential snag in its quest to bring a biosimilar of AbbVie cash cow Humira to market. Thursday, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office declined to review a pair of formulation patents on the arthritis drug, determining that "based on the petition and the accompanying evidence … Amgen has not shown a reasonable likelihood of prevailing on any of its challenges," Reuters reports.

Now focused on integrating Allergan generics, Teva eyes 'much larger' specialty buy in 2017

SAN FRANCISCO-- After watching months of pharma's M&A wave from the sidelines, Teva finally made a splash this summer with an agreement to pick up Allergan's generics business. And it may not be finished in the dealmaking arena.

Roche resolves patent war with India's Glenmark over generic Tarceva

Roche is burying the hatchet with India's Glenmark in a patent war over its cancer drug Tarceva, settling outstanding litigation with the company even as it wages a battle with another Indian generics maker over a patent for the med.

Medicaid would have saved $1.4B with discounts for generics: Report

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) can add some ammo to their drug price-fighting arsenal, as a new report shows that Medicaid could have saved $1.4 billion over the last 10 years if companies were forced to offer discounts if prices for top-selling generic drugs surpassed the rate of inflation.

Amgen stalls Apotex's Neulasta biosim launch with court victory

Apotex is working on a biosimilar of Amgen's Neulasta, but if and when it wins FDA approval, it'll have to wait awhile before launching, a court ruled on Wednesday.