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Latest Headlines

Pharma's Top 5 Golden Handshakes of the Last 5 Years

It's an all-too-familiar frustration for pharma shareholders. On the heels of declining revenues and mismanagement, a CEO departs, and then comes the golden handshake.

Bausch + Lomb eyes pharma ops expansion

You might know it for its contact lenses, but Bausch + Lomb wants you to know it for its pharma offerings, too. Calling pharma his company's "hidden gem," B+L CEO Brent Saunders told PharmaTimes that

Judge refuses to dismiss Schering shareholder suit

Will former Schering-Plough management end up on the witness stand, talking about the controversial Enhance trial? A shareholder suit could force them there--and a federal judge has refused the

Ex-Schering chiefs join up at Bausch

Everyone was watching to see where ex-Schering-Plough chief Fred Hassan (photo) would land after the big Merck merger put him out of a job. Which drugmaker would he end up leading next? Well, we have

More M&A ahead, Hassan predicts

Former Schering-Plough CEO Fred Hassan, who presided over the company's $41.1 billion sale last year, says he expects to see more consolidation in the pharmaceutical industry. Report

Hassan joins up with private equity firm

Where do pharma CEOs go when they've said goodbye? Apparently, they join a private equity firm. Former Schering-Plough chief Fred Hassan (photo) has enlisted at Warburg Pincus as a senior advisor,

Pharma CEOs pitch their own reform ideas

If drug company CEOs had their way, U.S. healthcare reform would look quite different from the package now making its way through the Senate. At a Cleveland Clinic summit this week, drugmaker execs

Clawbacks chomp into Fred Hassan's pay

Clawbacks can be hell. Just ask Schering-Plough chief Fred Hassan (photo), who took a big hit to his 2008 compensation because, to speak technically, his stock tanked. Under Schering's pay policy,

$60M goodbye for Schering's Hassan?

When we heard yesterday that Schering-Plough CEO Fred Hassan (photo) would be moving on after his merger with Merck is done, we asked ourselves the obvious follow-up question: how big is his golden

Schering CEO sees drag on Euro sales

For evidence that the economic squeeze isn't contained within U.S. borders, just listen to Schering-Plough CEO Fred Hassan (