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Shocking exit bonus for a departing chief? Not us, Roche says

Outgoing Roche Chairman Franz Humer will get a bonus when he leaves next year, Vice Chairman Andre Hoffman told shareholders. But it will be "completely different" from the $76 million fellow Swiss drugmaker Novartis originally planned to pay ex-chairman Daniel Vasella.

Longtime Roche chairman is stepping aside. Who's up next?

There will be room at the top of Roche next year. Chairman Franz Humer will stand down after the Swiss drugmaker's 2014 annual meeting, after 16 years as CEO or chairman or both. The company plans to pick a successor by autumn.

Roche chairman pooh-poohs another Illumina bid

If you've been rooting for Roche ($RHHBY) to make another run at the gene sequencing company Illumina ($ILMN), you could be in for a disappointment. The drugmaker's chairman, Franz Humer, told a Swiss newspaper that an Illumina deal "is definitively off the table."

Big Pharma execs top highest-paid Swiss list

Who tops the list of highest-paid Swiss executives? None other than pharma's own Daniel Vasella (photo), CEO of Novartis. Vasella's 2008 compensation grew by more than 20 percent from 2007, to 20.5

Roche won't budge on $3 billion Ventana offer

Hubris can take you a long way in any business, and Roche CEO Franz Humer  has plenty to spare. He's been telling the Financial

Roche still confident on Ventana buyout

Does he know something we don't? Roche CEO Franz Humer says he's "very confident" that the company's $3 billion takeover bid for Ventana will be accepted. Humer also told the Financial Times today