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Latest Headlines

Courts: Teva's Cephalon fells Actavis in oral painkiller delivery appeal

A federal appeals court decided in favor of Cephalon in a dispute with Actavis ($ACT) over an oral mucosal drug delivery patent.

Travelers wants its money back for off-label drug spending

Cephalon has sued Travelers ($TRV) over the insurer's attempt to claw back off-label drug spending.

FDA issues new guidelines for transmucosal delivery of pain drug

As of Dec. 29, the FDA has placed every product featuring the transmucosal delivery of fentanyl under a single Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy, also known as REMS. Fentanyl is used to treat

New warning for off-label Fentora

The FDA issued a warning yesterday on Fentora, the Cephalon painkiller recently linked to three deaths. All

Red flags raised on Fentora misuse

Pain can be a killer. Cephalon officially warned doctors yesterday to use its opioid pain reliever Fentora very, very carefully, or patients might die. Some already have, while others have

Patch delivers killer doses

Dear FDA: Sometimes warnings don't get through--just witness the Surgeon General's stamp on cigarette packages. Or, closer to home, consider the cautionary language slapped onto painkiller patches.