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Latest Headlines

Tufts survey shows social media still on fringes of clinical trials

It is almost four years since Facebook passed 500 million users. And while the role of it and other social media in clinical trials has generated lots of media coverage and conference chatter, the industry is yet to fully embrace the tools. Survey data published this week show just how there is to go.

For once, the FDA writes up pharma for a simple Facebook violation

The FDA has slapped another drugmaker on Facebook. And this time, the agency's complaints don't raise thorny questions or create new gray areas. The untitled letter to Institut Biochimique and its U.S. partner Akrimax Pharmaceuticals is about as garden-variety as they come.

The top 10 pharma companies in social media

Chatting with the public is not in pharma's comfort zone. Drugmakers are adept at the one-way communication known as direct-to-consumer advertising, and some of them deal well with the media....

FDA: The social media guidance puzzle will be complete by July

Forget a unified theory of social media from the FDA. It's going to be more of a puzzle-piece approach. As  Regulatory Focus  reports, the FDA plans to issue several more sets of rules for pharma companies using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, et al.  

Scientists increasingly receptive to life science vendors on social media

Life science vendors face a balancing act when using social media. Giving users the hard sell will bring rejection and reflect badly on the company, but a softly-softly plan might not be noticed at all. Fortunately for vendors, a survey suggests scientists are increasingly accepting of companies on Facebook and Twitter.

Novartis leverages Facebook to personalize eye health campaign

The project pulls in pictures from a user's Facebook account to personalize a video that simulates the effect of vision loss.

Broker's Facebook rant on biotech stock draws $5K fine

A stockbroker who took to his Facebook page to sound off in reaction to a critical online report last year regarding Arena Pharmaceuticals has been fined $5,000 for the outburst via social media.

Facebook, Twitter bolster Canadian biotech's research of Crohn's therapy

Biopharma outfits have investigated the use of popular social media sites for spreading a variety of messages and gathering plenty of intelligence.

Scientists follow 'Facebook' strategy to corral cancer Big Data

For all their speedy sequencing of genomes, scientists have yet to figure out what all the DNA data mean about diseases, holding back the information from being used in patient treatment.

10 startups fueling pharma in social media

Slow-moving regulators have kept the rules of engagement on social media platforms fuzzy for pharma players. Yet rather than sit on the sidelines waiting for the FDA to take a firm stance on dos and don'ts, many pharma companies have taken a shot at safe moves in the social realm. Potentially powerful collaboration tools have also attracted pharma groups, bringing scientists, patients and physicians into the same digital arenas to share ideas and partner on research. Read the report >>