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Latest Headlines

Second drug spending report predicts double-digit increases coming

In case anyone missed the latest forecast, drug prices were up last year and are going to continue to grow, perhaps at double-digit rates in some cases. The outlook comes from the second pharmacy benefits management report to be released in three days, this one from CVS Caremark following Express Scripts' missive on Tuesday.

Express Scripts adds fuel to the fire in fight over Gilead Sciences' Sovaldi

Express Scripts released more stunning numbers on what could happen with spending on drugs to treat hepatitis C as it builds a case against the price Gilead Sciences has put on a drug that can cure the disease.

Which brands grab the drug-spending title? AbbVie's Humira, AZ's Nexium lead the way

Which drugs cost U.S. health plans the most? Take a look at this year's iteration of Express Scripts' annual Drug Trend Report, and you'll find commentary on drug prices, the pharma industry, and American society. Not to mention a hint at which brands are best at getting themselves noticed.

Express Scripts assembling anti-Sovaldi coalition to shut out Gilead hep C drug

Express Scripts and Gilead Sciences are playing a high-priced game of chicken. At stake is the fate of Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), Gilead's high-priced hepatitis C pill, and the future of hep C treatment in the U.S. Not to mention the future of Sovaldi rivals from AbbVie, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and more.

The most influential people in biopharma today

Any industry that's undergoing as much change as biopharma is always looking for leadership. Old marketing practices are being blown apart, R&D is being subjected to emergency surgery, drug...

Pricey hep C drugs, beware: Express Scripts plans a showdown

Gilead Sciences can take the sort of pricing protest that greeted its breakthrough hepatitis C treatment Sovaldi this week--the kind from access-to-medicine advocates. But when payers balk, that's a different story. A horror story, even, that could frighten drugmakers long accustomed to pricing freedom in the U.S.

Express Scripts stops covering key Big Pharma drugs on clinical, cost-effectiveness grounds

A few weeks ago, Novo Nordisk said it had lost Express Scripts' business on two of its top drugs, Victoza and NovoLog. Well, that was just part of the action at the pharmacy benefits manager. More than 40 other drugs, including some of Big Pharma's newest growth prospects, got the same treatment. And ironically, drugmakers may have their own marketing techniques to blame.

Express Scripts sells CRO biz to private equity outfit

Bracket, the pharma contracting arm of Express Scripts, is now the property of Parthenon Capital Partners, the latest private equity takeover in a fast-consolidating industry.

Specialty drugs to rocket upward by 67% by 2015

Drugmakers know that specialty products are where it's at these days. A recent IMS Institute report showed the U.S. drug market shrinking for the first time last year. But spending on specialty drugs posted double-digit increases. Almost 20%, according to a recent Express Scripts report, in fact.

Specialty med price shock rattles ill-equipped payers

For the past 20 years Express Scripts has been crunching the numbers on the ever rising amount of money Americans spend on drugs. But last year, the analysts say, the country hit a critical watershed as the amount spent on traditional drugs--the pills used for a host of common maladies--slid a bit while specialty drug spending surged 18.4% on the arrival of complex new therapeutics which have captured the attention of drug developers around the globe.