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Latest Headlines

Heavyweight PBMs mean trouble for Big Pharma's pricey new meds

The good news for drugmakers, after UnitedHealth agreed to buy Catamaran: You might need fewer staffers to negotiate with pharmacy benefits managers, now that 1 billion U.S. scripts a year will be controlled by three players.

Stats, surprises and secrets revealed in annual drug-spending report

Express Scripts' annual report on drug spending contains juicy stats, some surprising, some not so much. For the educated eye, the Express Scripts report offers numbers to back up a variety of trends--and news stories--that hit the pharma business in 2014.

Drug spending surged 13% last year, with pricey hep C meds leading the charge

U.S. prescription drug spending shot up 13.1% last year, according to a new report from Express Scripts. And the vocal price critic says it knows just who's to blame.

FierceBiotech Radio with Express Scripts' Steve Miller

Steve Miller of Express Scripts, the nation's largest pharmacy benefit manager, joins FierceBiotech Radio to discuss the future of drug pricing, the impending debut of biosimilars in the U.S. and how he got into the PBM business.

Express Scripts takes a bow for cutting $4B off hep C drug spending

Express Scripts CMO Steve Miller has a number for you: $4 billion. That's the amount U.S. payers will save on hepatitis C drugs this year, thanks to cost-cutting deals with Gilead Sciences and AbbVie. And Miller doesn't mind saying that Express Scripts started the trend.

With hep C price deals made, Express Scripts eyes PCSK9 meds--and then cancer

Now that Express Scripts--and rival CVS Health--have cost-slashing exclusives with hep C drugmakers, the activist PBM says it's ready to take on the forthcoming class of cholesterol-fighters known as PCSK9 inhibitors, too.

Gilead Sciences adds fuel to fire in hep C pricing battle with Anthem deal

Gilead is joining forces with Anthem, the biggest provider of health coverage to U.S. businesses, to make Harvoni the primary option for patients, setting the stage for a hep C showdown.

Express Scripts' Miller lays out manifesto to fight sky-high drug prices

It's no secret that Express Scripts Chief Medical Officer Steve Miller is hankering for some changes in the pharma business. But what many may not know, he told PharmExec, is that he's got a four-point solution to fix what he sees as the industry's biggest problems.

Get ready to negotiate, drugmakers: Payers are armed for drug-pricing battle

If 2014 was the year of the emboldened U.S. payer, then 2015 promises to be the year of the pharma negotiator.

Does the AbbVie-Express Scripts pact signal drug-price Armageddon?

Express Scripts may have warned the world that it would use its gatekeeper status to force big hepatitis C discounts. But when word of its exclusive, discounted deal with AbbVie actually hit on Monday, analysts went a-Twitter, biotech shares slid, other payers pricked up their ears--and media outlets went berserk.