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Latest Headlines

Big Pharma superteam joins NIH to share data, discover new drugs

The National Institutes of Health has persuaded 10 rival drugmakers to briefly set aside their competitive spirits and collaborate on drug discovery projects in four major diseases, pooling their data and expertise to kick-start early-stage efforts.

Sanofi wards off Lilly's Lantus challenger with infringement lawsuit

Sanofi's got the top-selling diabetes drug in the world right now, and it intends to keep it that way. The French drugmaker is suing Eli Lilly over infringement claims on four of the patents for its Lantus insulin product, which is set to lose protection next February.

Sanofi blocks Eli Lilly's biosimilar of Lantus at the goal line, buys time

You can scratch Eli Lilly's copycat version of Lantus off its short list of near-term approval prospects. Sanofi says it has filed a lawsuit against Lilly claiming that the pharma rival infringed four of its patents, which is likely to delay any launch until the middle of 2016.

Despite a years-long dry run, Lilly keeps the faith in its pipeline

Eli Lilly has won exactly one new drug approval since 2009, running up an innovation debt that is rapidly catching up to its revenue. But CEO John Lechleiter believes the company's late-stage pipeline can change what has become a tired narrative.

Lilly surprises on revenue even as Cymbalta sinks

Eli Lilly's patent cliff has struck again, but some analysts found things weren't as bad as they expected when they surveyed the damage Thursday morning. Higher sales of other drugs offset much of the generic competition to newly off-patent Cymbalta, helping the pharma giant beat Wall Street's revenue forecasts by a long shot.

The top 10 largest pharma layoffs in 2013

Layoffs are always big news in pharma, seen as an indicator of the health of the industry. Of course, the factors that eventually lead to layoffs are not simple. Often the patent cliff is to blame, but--as many of 2013's biggest cuts show--it's not always the culprit. Whatever the reason, pharma cutbacks are closely watched by investors, employees and competitors alike. Here's our report on the largest layoffs of 2013.

Lilly CEO Lechleiter joins the busy buyside in biotech

Lechleiter recently pointed to animal health as well as key therapeutic areas like neurosciences, diabetes and cancer, according to a report from Reuters.

With Iclusig back to market, would Eli Lilly bid for Ariad? Would anyone?

Ariad Pharmaceuticals just relaunched its leukemia drug Iclusig last week, but already buyout rumors are buzzing. The U.S.-based biotech saw its shares jump this morning on reports that Eli Lilly is leading a field of several potential buyers.

Lilly gets ready for track-and-trace in U.S.

Part of the new Drug Quality and Security Act, approved in the U.S. last fall, sets in motion a timeline to eventually have serialization on individual drug units and a system to track them from manufacturing to pharmacy.

Lilly CEO Lechleiter predicts big things after its 'most financially challenging year'

"This will be Eli Lilly's most financially challenging year." That is the message that Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter started off his presentation with Tuesday to a room full of apt listeners at the J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference before segueing into how the company's pipeline will move it past troubled times.