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Latest Headlines

Eyeing 'a bit of a bubble,' Lilly shies away from biotech buyouts

Biotech's ongoing boom has inflated valuations for upstart drugmakers, and Eli Lilly CEO John Lechleiter said his company is wary of getting involved in any high-dollar bidding wars to bring in new treatments.

Eli Lilly's Q2 beats the Street as newer products, animal health buy pitch in

Eli Lilly was standing at the bottom of a steep slope earlier this year, with slumping sales for older meds and a 2015 forecast that fell short of analysts' expectations. But CEO John Lechleiter predicted good things were ahead for the company, and now, it looks like Lilly has reached calmer waters. The drugmaker is raising its guidance, pointing to the success of new products and the animal health unit it picked up in January.

In Alzheimer's, hope, hype and disappointment as biopharma goes all in on amyloid

Thanks to some recent clinical advances, physicians and scientists--convening in Washington, DC, this week for the Alzheimer's Association International Conference--have some new hope that blasting away some misshapen proteins in the brain called beta amyloids could be a path to finally reversing years of developmental futility.

Eli Lilly is expanding R&D ops in San Diego, adding 130 researchers

After eking out a tiny gain in revenue for the second quarter, Eli Lilly is in an expansive mood. The Indianapolis-based pharma giant outlined plans today to boost its R&D presence in the San Diego hub, more than doubling its space and adding up to 130 researchers with a big focus on immunology.

UPDATED: Eli Lilly offers evidence of twice-failed solanezumab's impact on Alzheimer's

Eli Lilly says that it has evidence to show that its amyloid-busting drug solanezumab has a distinct impact on Alzheimer's disease, pointing to a delayed-start 3.5-year extension study, with a group of patients from the original placebo arm continuing to lag behind patients who started on the drug at the beginning.

Big Pharma pushes new migraine drugs into Phase III with blockbuster hopes

A cadre of drugmakers is pressing toward late-stage trials with new injectable treatments in the long-stagnant field of migraine therapy, racing to capitalize on what analysts say is a multibillion-dollar market.

Lilly adds new Coco the Type 1 monkey tale to its Disney bookshelf

With a couple of meds for Type 1 diabetes--the type that's usually diagnosed in children and young adults--in its lineup, Eli Lilly has a vested interest in helping children and their parents understand the disease. And on that front, it's just released a new book to add to a growing collection of kid-friendly materials.

Lilly and Biogen prep make-or-break Alzheimer's data amid an amyloid renaissance

Biogen and Eli Lilly, two drugmakers making big bets in Alzheimer's disease, are set to present clinical data on a pair of much-scrutinized projects with potential to change the industry's approach to the field.

UPDATED: Lilly's Alimta gets rating boost in update to ASCO's drug scorecard

When the American Society of Clinical Oncology unveiled its scheme for assessing the value of cancer drugs, it included some less-than-flattering drug ratings. One of those was for Eli Lilly's Alimta, a lung cancer drug that's been a blockbuster performer for the U.S.-based company.

UPDATED: Eli Lilly gains FDA advisers' support for a questionable lung cancer drug

An FDA advisory panel offered some key though largely lukewarm support for Eli Lilly's experimental lung cancer drug necitumumab. While there was no formal vote for or against approval, committee members weighed the positives and negatives of a drug that showed only a marginal survival advantage for patients--but a big enough plus for patients that has warranted approvals in the past. And on balance, most supported an approval for Lilly during a roundtable discussion.