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Latest Headlines

Another Actos lawsuit reaches a jury for weary Takeda

Another jury in another U.S. trial over Takeda Pharmaceutical and its Actos (pioglitazone) diabetes drug has begun deliberating whether the drug was responsible for causing cancer. Lawyers for both sides completed closing arguments in the Pennsylvania trial.

Critics call for harsher treatment of foreign drugmakers who sell faulty drugs

The FDA reported last week that for about 6 months it has been testing some generic drugs to see how they stack up to the branded products they mimic. That $20 million effort is laudable, but it isn't enough to ensure the generics that fill the medicine cabinets of U.S. consumers are both safe and effective, according to critics of foreign-made pharmaceuticals.

Pfizer has another recall tied to smelly drugs

Smelly pills have led to another recall by Pfizer and this time a drug shortage. Last year Pfizer recalled more than 650,000 bottles of Advil gel tabs from stores because they had a strong odor. This time it is Pfizer subsidiary King Pharmaceuticals recalling 52,000 bottles of its thyroid pill Levoxyl because of a bad odor.

Chinese court wants tougher clinical trial regs

India's struggles to regulate its booming clinical research industry are well told, but now China could be headed down the same path, as a Beijing court has taken issue with how trial-runners pay compensation to patients.

Troubled BioCryst dumps HCV preclinical program

Troubled BioCryst Pharmaceuticals has ditched its preclinical hepatitis C virus program of BCX5191 and its backup compounds after results of a low-dose chimpanzee study, according to documents filed with the SEC.

Pakistan investigates cough syrup tied to 35 deaths

An investigation into the deaths of 35 people in Gujranwala, Pakistan, tied to a cough syrup has sparked a controversy over who is to blame.

Congressional bills would toughen safety labeling for generic drugmakers

Congressional Democrats are ramping up two bills intended to put generic drugmakers on par with their Big Pharma counterparts as far as governing how they change product labeling to report updated safety information.

Health Canada tells hospitals to quarantine morphine from Sandoz

Sandoz Canada is in the spotlight again this week after Canadian health officials told hospitals to quarantine boxes of the company's injectable morphine after one was found to contain another drug.

Gilenya market share drops after FDA review

An FDA safety review is taking its toll on Gilenya sales. The Novartis ($NVS) multiple sclerosis pill, the first oral therapy for the debilitating disease, lost market share in January after reports that some patients died while using the drug.

Novartis to revamp Rasilez label with safety risks

The data on Rasilez 's safety risks is coming home to roost. The Novartis ($NVS) blood-pressure drug will get a new warning in Europe at regulators' request, after a recent trial flagged links...