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Latest Headlines

Millennial men lead the charge in seeking info from pharma marketing

Men have pharma needs, too. Traditional pharma marketing strategies target women, following common marketing wisdom that women control or influence the vast majority of household purchases, up to 80% or more depending on which study you read. But new research from ID Media points to men taking a more active role in healthcare. 

Dartmouth profs take issue with calls for testosterone testing

Drugmakers are touting testosterone testing as part of Men's Health Week, drawing fire from a pair of Dartmouth professors via a Cochrane Group blog.

Docs that just say no to drug samples slash brand prescribing big-time, study finds

A new  JAMA Dermatology  study shows a huge difference in brand-name scripts written by physicians who turn down drug samples--a 62-percentage-point difference, to be exact.

UPDATED: FDA aims to train docs to spot misleading drug ads--and report them

The FDA has upped its stake in making sure advertisers play by the rules, launching an e-learning course aimed at teaching healthcare providers how to spot drug ads and promo materials that may be untruthful or misleading--and how to report them to the FDA.

Mined doctor-patient data gives drugmakers insight for targeted marketing

The recent layoffs of hundreds of drug sales reps mean there are fewer people in the field calling on doctors to see what they are prescribing. But they don't have to--drugmakers have found new tools that actually can tell them more about doctors' prescribing patterns than the physicians even know themselves.

Big Pharma shows its claws with new compensation policies

The FDA has been talking about holding pharma executives personally liable when their companies stray outside the law. The idea hasn't gained much traction, and one high-profile attempt--remember Forest Labs CEO Howard Solomon?--met a high-profile end.

Pharma can't be prosecuted for off-label marketing, court rules

People are people, they say. People have rights. Now, a U.S. appeals court has determined that sales reps are people, and their free speech rights apply on the job, even when that means talking about off-label uses of a drug. And their employers can rely on free speech to protect off-label drug marketing. Because, after all, corporations are people, too.

Which FiercePharma news attracts the most readers online?

As anyone in pharma knows, data can be a wonderful thing. Crunching data can also be addictive, like kettle corn or tortilla chips. We here at FierceMarkets can spend hours consuming statistics about our readers and web traffic. Here are the stories that garnered the most web traffic over the past 12 months. More >>

Is Madagascar 3's friendly lion a dangerous drug spokesman?

Was Merck's marketing tie-up with the kids' movie Madagascar 3 a no good, horrible, very bad idea? Public health groups say so--and they've asked Federal Trade Commission to investigate it.

Senate probes ties among narcoticsmakers, pain organizations

The Senate Finance Committee launched an investigation yesterday into the ties among companies that sell pain drugs, pain experts, patient advocacy groups and professional organizations, The New York Times reports.