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Latest Headlines

Drug costs soar as China tops world ranking in cancer

As World Health Organization figures show China rising to the top of the list of countries with the most cancer cases, its people are facing increasing problems in trying to find ways to pay for their treatments. Healthcare costs are soaring in the nation despite the government's efforts to force drug prices lower.

What's a pricey cancer drug really worth? New value-based 'abacus' has some ideas

Early on in the cancer drug pricing debates, doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center made waves by rejecting a new Sanofi colon cancer drug as too expensive for its benefits. Now, the noted hospital has taken its cost-benefit analysis to more than 50 cancer meds.

Branded drug prices leap 13% in U.S., far outpacing inflation

While drugmakers worry about drug spending cuts around the world, they can still take heart from the good old U.S. of A. Companies raised branded drug prices by 13.3%, but it was the cost of specialty meds, such as new hepatitis C drugs, that saw the steepest climb.

PhRMA offers help cutting Medicare drug costs, with caveats

Big Pharma is willing to do its part to cut the deficit; it would just like to do it in a way that is less painful than some in Washington are suggesting.

Onyx staffs up for Kyprolis' assault on myeloma market

Onyx Pharmaceuticals has staffed up to launch its newly approved Kyprolis drug for multiple myeloma. The company hired a dedicated marketing team of about 100, Xconomy reports, comprising sales reps, oncology nurses and reimbursement specialists.

Employers eye costs of specialty drugs

Employers have drug costs on their minds lately. Balancing the cost of drugs against care has swelled as the key consideration for companies evaluating drug plans in a survey by Express Scripts.

Co-pay cards to hike drug costs $32B, report says

Co-pay discounts may be good for patients and good for branded drugmakers, but they're not so good for the payers in the middle. So says a new study from pharmacy benefits managers, which concluded

Part D saved Medicare money, Harvard study finds

Spending more money on drug therapies actually can be thrifty, at least for Medicare patients. That's the conclusion of a new study by Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women's Hospital. As the

Cancer drug spending to leap at least 34%

Cancer care advances. So does the cost of treatment. U.S. spending on oncology drugs could grow by 10 percent per year through 2013, Medco Health Solutions has found, partly because patients are

NHS trusts restrict drug access to cut costs

Like many government health programs, the UK's National Health Service has been fighting budget shortfalls. Unlike private insurers, the NHS makes news whenever it cuts benefits. And unfortunately