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Latest Headlines

Drug shortage complicates execution schedule for death penalty leader Texas

A Texas Department of Criminal Justice official acknowledged that the state's current supply of pentobarbital will reach its expiry date in September, when its next execution is set.

Judge slams FDA for importing lethal-injection drugs

A U.S. judge sided with death row inmates who sued the FDA for importing a drug used in lethal injections. The prisoners had claimed the agency's decision to allow foreign versions of sodium thiopental into the U.S. violated its own drug-approval rules.

Condemned prisoners challenge execution-drug imports

Death-row prisoners have asked a U.S. judge to force the FDA to block imports of an execution drug. The legal challenge comes as long-used lethal-injection drugs become scarcer in the U.S., and...

Docs demand Hospira action on execution drug

An international group of doctors is putting the squeeze on Hospira ($HSP) over a drug now being used for executions by U.S. death-penalty states. Writing in The Lancet, 25 physicians said Hospira

U.S. officials seek execution drugs in India

U.S. prisons are turning to India for drugs used in executions, the Financial Times reports, as U.S. supplies run short and European officials move to further restrict exports of anesthetics. Report

EU imposes new export controls on execution meds

European officials are pulling in the reins on lethal-injection drugs. It's a case of putting export controls where its convictions lie: Since 2008, the EU has been calling for an end to the death

Lundbeck to withhold Nembutal from U.S. prisons

Yesterday, Danish drugmaker Lundbeck said it wouldn't pull its Nembutal drug off the market in the U.S., despite its moral objection to state prisons' using it in executions. Epilepsy patients still

Britain nixes export of execution drugs

Britain said it would ban the export to the U.S. of three drugs used to carry out lethal injections and called on other EU countries to follow suit. Death-penalty states have been scrambling to

Novartis aims to keep death-penalty drug out of U.S.

Yet another drugmaker has lodged a protest against capital punishment. Novartis, whose generics unit Sandoz makes a copycat version of sodium thiopental, says it is forbidding its distributors from

Inmates sue FDA over execution-drug imports

The FDA has bent over backward to stay out of the execution-drug mess. It even issued a statement to that effect, saying that it wouldn't punish states for importing drugs that aren't