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Latest Headlines

The Vasella era ends as Novartis says goodbye to his policies--or is it good riddance?

Today in Basel, Novartis shareholders ratified Joerg Reinhardt's move into the chairman's seat. That might be considered the final, official farewell in former Chairman Daniel Vasella's long goodbye. But shareholders also approved other, more nitty-gritty changes in corporate governance that explicitly undo some of Vasella's work.

Vasella considers his Novartis results worth $78M payout

In an interview with the  Financial Times, Vasella argued that the board's demands for a stringent noncompete clause amounted to "a prohibition to exert my profession."

Novartis ex-chair Vasella nets new $5.2M exit package

At a total of 5 million francs, Daniel Vasella's new exit package is a small fraction of the 72 million originally approved by the Novartis board. But at a time when executive pay is under the microscope in Switzerland, some watchdogs are still unhappy.

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Busy Novartis announces layoffs, taps new CFO and slashes chairman's pay

While the U.S. government was announcing its kickbacks lawsuit against Novartis, the Swiss drugmaker was putting the finishing touches on a few press releases of its own.

Updated: EU pharma CEOs earned 46% less than U.S. peers

CEO pay in Europe continues to be a flashpoint given the high unemployment and austerity measures the workaday folk on the continent face. Still, a new analysis shows the CEO's of European drugmakers continue to pull in far less than their U.S. counterparts.

Swiss prosecutor weighs charges against Novartis directors, ex-chairman

The court of public opinion passed quick judgment on Novartis and its 72-million-franc payout for departing chairman Daniel Vasella. The Swiss quickly said no,  non  and  nein  to that idea, and the company quickly abandoned that non-compete deal. But will an actual court have its chance to rule?

Reports: Ex-Novartis chief Vasella to flee Switzerland for US

Swiss media report that Vasella is decamping from his home in Zug for greener pastures in the U.S.

Shocking exit bonus for a departing chief? Not us, Roche says

Outgoing Roche Chairman Franz Humer will get a bonus when he leaves next year, Vice Chairman Andre Hoffman told shareholders. But it will be "completely different" from the $76 million fellow Swiss drugmaker Novartis originally planned to pay ex-chairman Daniel Vasella.

Board, Vasella slammed for handling of retirement prize

Like the naughty child that gets caught doing something wrong, Novartis ($NVS) keeps changing its story about just what it is up to. The Swiss company that succumbed to pressure this week and revoked a proposed $78 million non-compete to departing Chairman Daniel Vasella now says it will hire him as a consultant.