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Latest Headlines

Suit says CVS manipulated generic drug prices

Pharmacy giant CVS has found itself in the crosshairs of another lawsuit accusing it of inflating the prices of generic drugs. The suit, filed in federal court in San Francisco, says the company pulled off a "massive fraud" through a discount program for patients paying cash for prescriptions,  Bloomberg  reports. 

Drug price hawk CVS Health and the case of the $44,000 nutrition supplement

CVS Health may be staring down pricey hep C drugs and forthcoming PCSK9 meds, but capsules of powdered resveratrol? Not so much.

CVS Health gets more drug pricing clout with $12B deal for Omnicare

Get ready for more of a squeeze on drugs used by seniors. CVS Health agreed to pay $12.7 billion for the pharmacy services company Omnicare, which specializes in assisted living and long-term care facilities.

Say what? CVS Health execs figure PCSK9 meds to cost up to $150B

CVS Health is raising eyebrows with a new estimate: A coming class of pricey cholesterol meds could cost the U.S. as much as $150 billion per year.

Hello, hep C pricing war: Gilead hits back at AbbVie with exclusive CVS deal

Gilead's got a message for you, AbbVie: It's on. Just a couple of weeks after the Illinois drugmaker struck an exclusive hep C pact with PBM Express Scripts, Gilead has come back with a deal of its own.

Drugmakers beware, Costco now in pharmacy benefits

In the evolving drug payer world, pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) are commanding a bigger role. Now drug companies have a new and interesting PBM with which to contend--Costco.

CVS shucking more drugs from its coverage list

Beginning in January, the list of drugs CVS Caremark's pharmacy-benefit business will refuse to cover will grow to about 50.

Drugstores accuse Pfizer, Teva of blocking Effexor generics

CVS Caremark and Rite Aid have signed on to the Effexor XR conspiracy theory. In an antitrust lawsuit, the drugstore chains allege that Pfizer's Wyeth unit and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries colluded to delay generic versions of the blockbuster antidepressant.

CVS takes aim at co-pay cards by blocking drug coverage

Drugmakers, prepare for attack. CVS Caremark is fed up with your new favorite marketing technique: the co-pay card. 

Co-pay cards prompt CVS to toss drugs off formulary

It had to happen eventually: A pharmacy benefits manager is striking back at co-pay coupons. As The Wall Street Journal reports, CVS Caremark's PBM is recommending that customers stop covering 34