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Latest Headlines

Catheters for deep vein thrombosis may do more harm than good

Catheter-directed thrombolysis (CDT) has been used in an effort to reduce the incidence of post-thrombotic syndrome in deep vein thrombosis. But a newly published observational study suggests that not only is catheter use ineffective at preventing post-thrombotic syndrome, but it is actually associated with higher rates of adverse events.

Covidien picks integration chief for Medtronic merger

As Covidien strides into a merger with Medtronic, the company last week announced the appointment of Bill Burke as CFO for Covidien Europe.

J&J cuts 400 medical device jobs, as Covidien hires more than 100

Hiring ahead of and cutting after mergers is always tricky, but organizational change marches on. Post-merger Johnson & Johnson and pre-merger Covidien are both forging ahead, with cuts in J&J's DePuy Synthes and hiring for Covidien.

Exec talks on Covidien's fit with Medtronic

The president of Covidien's $1.6 billion vascular product group said that the impending merger with Medtronic was necessary from her perspective because being "a vascular player without cardiovascular, I think long term that would have been a real issue.

Medtronic, Covidien chief integration officer talks about what the deal means

The leader of the looming integration effort facing Medtronic and Covidien stressed "balance sheet flexibility" as one of the main drivers of the $43 billion mega deal, and said it will lead to more M&A activity in early stage companies, although some investors disagree.

Report: Medtronic acquisition of Covidien to save $3.5B to $4.2B in taxes

Medtronic is stirring the U.S. tax pot with its announcement of an acquisition of Ireland-based company, Covidien. The acquisition would make Medtronic a foreign-based company, releasing it from U.S. tax laws and saving the company $3.5 to $4.2 billion annually.

FDA says using recalled HydroFinity Hydrophilic Guidewires potentially deadly

The FDA slapped its most severe label on Nitinol Devices & Components' recalled HydroFinity Hydrophilic Guidewires, meaning the agency believes "there is a reasonable probability that use of these products will cause serious adverse health consequences or death."

Covidien sues Ethicon again for patent infringement

Only ten years have passed without a resolution since Covidien first sued Ethicon Endo-Surgery for patent violations in the Harmonic line of ultrasonic surgical tools.

Medtronic picks exec to lead Covidien integration

In the wake of Medtronic's hefty $43 billion Covidien acquisition, the company gears up by naming a new chief integration officer, Geoff Martha, currently their senior vice president for strategy and business development.

Medtronic's tax inversion scheme won't be all fun and games, experts say

Medtronic is looking forward to reaping the benefits of its new Irish domicile after its $42.9 purchase of Covidien, but the tax inversion process will not be all fun and games, according to tax experts.