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Latest Headlines

Covidien snags FDA OK for a camera-equipped feeding tube

Covidien is gearing up to launch its Kangaroo feeding tube in the U.S. after picking up FDA clearance for the device, which is outfitted with a camera that provides real-time images to physicians.

Report: Covidien buys New Wave Surgical for $100M+

Irish medical device giant Covidien has purchased Florida-based New Wave Surgical for more than $100 million.

Covidien recalls 650+ devices over faulty coating

Covidien is recalling more than 650 units of its Pipeline Embolization Device and Alligator Retrieval Device due to concerns over the coating on their delivery wires, which could delaminate and detach from the device.

Mallinckrodt bets $5.6B on Questcor and its controversial Acthar drug

Ireland's Mallinckrodt has been on a major growth spurt since its spinoff last spring from medical device maker Covidien--and it made another big move Monday in its bid to become a major specialty pharma company.

Covidien CFO deals his stock options near the company's 52-week high

Covidien's stock hit a 52-week high in the last week, and Chief Financial Officer Charles Dockendorff exercised his option to buy close to 91,000 company shares at just over half their market price in the midst of the Irish medical device giant's upward trajectory.

The top companies in med tech: 2013 revenue results

In 2013, a number of outside forces hammered the med tech industry. While things could have been better, most of the top 10 companies in the sector still enjoyed moderate year-over-year revenue gains.

The top 10 med tech M&A deals of 2013

Forget organic growth. In 2013, some of the biggest moves into new or expanded markets in the med tech world came through serious M&A activity. The top deals announced or closed in 2013 created...

Covidien CEO buys and sells 50,000 shares

Covidien chief executive José Almeida sold 50,000 shares in his company last Friday, worth $3.6 million at the time he sold them, the Ireland-based medical device maker has disclosed.

Covidien wins CE mark approval for acute care ventilation system

Covidien won CE mark approval in Europe for its new acute care ventilation system.

Covidien closes its $860M Given Imaging buyout

Given Imaging's time as an independent company has come to a close. As expected, Irish medical device giant Covidien ($COV) has closed its $860 million buyout of the Israeli company known for its endoscopic PillCam capsules.