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Latest Headlines

'Pfizergan' talks prompt new anti-tax inversion rules from Treasury

The U.S. Treasury Department is rushing out a new set of guidelines on the "tax inversion" deals that have allowed drugmakers to save big money on taxes by buying overseas rivals and moving their domiciles to friendlier jurisdictions.

Here's a lucrative idea: Turn a drug into an orphan med, reap 6 months extra exclusivity

Would-be makers of rare disease meds, rejoice: A 6-month exclusivity extension, proposed last year in Congress, has returned. The 21st Century Cures Act, now under consideration in the House of Representatives, once again includes a measure that would prolong competition-free marketing for some meds repurposed to treat rare diseases.

U.S. lawmakers join Lilly's attacks on Canada's patent attitude

U.S. lawmakers have asked the U.S. Trade Representative's office to put Canada on a "priority watch list" because it has invalidated patents on drugs made by Eli Lilly and others.

Dual-eligibles bill sets up another pharma fight over Medicare rebates

Democratic lawmakers in both houses of Congress are backing a new bill extending Medicaid-style rebates to low-income Medicare patients, saying the provision would save $141.2 billion.

Compounder that operated like drug plant paid big bucks to owners

It turns out that compounding pharmacies that operate like small drug manufacturers can provide their owners with Big Pharma kinds of compensation. At least that was the case with New England Compounding Center, the company linked with a deadly meningitis outbreak.

FDA Commish asks for more power over compounding

As FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg prepared to testify before Congress about the deadly meningitis outbreak, reports surfaced that the agency wanted to shut New England Compounding Center down to fix manufacturing violations in 2003, but deferred to state regulators who apparently dropped the ball.

AMA lines up against pharma's pay-to-delay deals

The Federal Trade Commission has a powerful new ally in its quest to quash "pay to delay" patent settlements: The American Medical Association. As Forbes reports, the doctors' association now officially supports legislation to outlaw the practice.

Congress calls FDA chief to account in meningitis outbreak

Congress is again taking a hard look at the FDA and its plant oversight methods.

Hamburg, FDA inspection practices go under microscope in meningitis outbreak

Congress is again taking a hard look at the FDA and its plant oversight methods as House and Senate committees will hold hearings on the agency's actions related to the compounding pharmacy tied to a national, and deadly, outbreak of fungal meningitis.

Congressional report calls for FDA to regulate large compounders

The drumbeat is getting louder to have the FDA regulate at least those compounding pharmacies that are operating like small-scale manufacturers. And the FDA is singing the chorus saying if Congress is ready for that kind of oversight, it is prepared to take it on.