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Latest Headlines

Vyvanse set to steal ADHD share in back-to-school meds rush

As kids start heading back to school--and getting back on their ADHD meds--one analyst expected Shire's Vyvanse to steal market share from Johnson & Johnson's Concerta. And so far, the med is meeting his expectations.

FDA balks on generic Concerta as Mallinckrodt, Actavis meds gobble up market

Back in November, the FDA gave drugmakers producing cheap knockoffs of Johnson & Johnson's ADHD med Concerta 6 months to prove that their copycat versions were equivalent to the brand-name drug, or remove their product from the market. But that time has come and gone, and the FDA has yet to issue a final word on the meds.

FDA to Mallinckrodt: Generic Concerta doesn't measure up to J&J's brand

The FDA's new due diligence on generic drugs now has one victim: Mallinckrodt, which makes a knockoff version of Johnson & Johnson's ADHD drug Concerta. The Dublin-based drugmaker says the FDA is questioning whether its generic actually measures up to the brand.

New attention disorder could equal a big new ADHD drug market. But is it legit?

There could be a new attention disorder on the block in the future--one that could open up a new patient pool for ADHD drugmakers Eli Lilly, Shire and others. But with pharma critics adept at pointing fingers at companies for "disease-mongering," it's one that could open up a new round of controversy, too.

More generics of J&J's ADHD med Concerta coming

Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) continues to cut generics deals over its onetime blockbuster Concerta, as it does what it can to protect sales of the attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder drug.

J&J drug sales hold their own, thanks to foreign growth

For the second quarter in a row, Johnson & Johnson posted a downward tick in revenues, hobbled by currency losses. Asset writedowns, legal-settlement set-asides, and acquisition costs dug into earnings.

Shire pits Vyvanse against Concerta in ADHD trials

Shire is taking aim at Johnson & Johnson's ($JNJ) Concerta. The Irish drugmaker is sponsoring two head-to-head trials pitting its ADHD drug Vyvanse against the J&J product as a treatment for adolescents with the disorder.

Antipsychotics, ADHD meds fuel rising psych-drug use

With sales figures showing that individual psych meds are among Big Pharma's best sellers--think Eli Lilly's ($LLY) Zyprexa, for one--it's no surprise to see the percentage of Americans using drugs

Watson nabs authorized-generic deal with J&J

Watson Pharmaceuticals ($WPI) and Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) have come to an accord on Concerta. J&J will let Watson launch a generic version of the blockbuster ADHD drug next May, as long as

J&J warns sales reps of impending cuts

Sales layoffs are on the horizon at Johnson & Johnson as generic versions of the blockbuster ADHD drug Concerta near market. The company has warned the sales force for that drug to prepare for